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Our Favorite Han Ji‑pyeong "Good Boy" Moments from Start Up - go!

Our Favorite Han Ji-pyeong "Good Boy" Moments from Start Up

Where can we get our own Han Ji-pyeong?

Warning: this article contains spoilers!

We’re already a week into March and it’s been three months since the season finale of the K-Drama, Start-Up. While some of us are still not over the ending, there are others who can’t get enough of Good Boy and his killer dimples. Yup, we can probably call this major Han Ji-pyeong withdrawal.

Ji-pyeong, fondly known as "Good Boy," is definitely well-loved by Start-Up fans. Everyone is ready to rewatch all of his scenes, whether they feature his banter with Do-san or the little things he does to take care of Dal-mi and Halmeoni.

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So what are you waiting for? Let’s fall in love with him over again by rewatching our favorite Han Ji-pyeong moments from Start-Up.

His showdown with Do-san at Halmeoni and Dal-mi’s house

Even if Ji-pyeong and Do-san were competing for the attention and affection of Dal-mi, they managed to make it worth watching because of their banter as “family.” Arguing about one’s credentials is typically reserved for serious scenes, but the way Han Ji-pyeong reacted makes it a lot funnier especially when the topic is about height!

When he had to share a blanket with Do-san

Showdown turned… bromance? Even the most tired people get soft, too; just look at Ji-pyeong. Who knew that the aloof and smooth CEO was a cuddler, heavy sleeper and sleep talker. At this point we aren’t sure if we want to be Ji-pyeong or Do-san!

When he got soft after Dal-mi’s call

What makes Han Ji-pyeong so attractive is his cool, independent guy persona. But there will always be moments when he’s caught off guard and he becomes a little bit more vulnerable and dependent. Ji-pyeong is still a human who’s definitely whipped for his crush, even with a little distance.

His confession scene to Dal-mi

Did. You. See. That? Obviously, he shows his love through acts of service. Ji-pyeong takes care of Halmeoni whenever he can, and he willingly mentors Samsan Tech. But it’s the most evident in this scene with him and Dal-mi, where he confesses his feelings while setting up lunch for her. Best way into a girl’s heart, if you ask me!

All of the moments right here

Like we said, it’s in the little things that he did that made Han Ji-pyeong a very loveable character. This compilation covers all the bases that make him deserving of the nickname “Good Boy” and why a lot of viewers rooted for him until the end. If we list them down any further, we might just spoil the entire drama for you!

Enjoy more of the handsome CEO by streaming Start Up on Netflix.

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