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Our Favorite Moments From The Baudelaire Children

Because you won’t meet a trio as resourceful, intelligent and generous 

The world of fiction is a vast and all-encompassing one, which is why everyone out there has a favorite character, writer, director and against-all-odds story. Years ago, one Lemony Snicket (aka writing chameleon Daniel Handler) introduced us to the story of the Baudelaire children in A Series Of Unfortunate Events and our childhood universe was never quite the same.

 Life Lessons From The Baudelaire Children That Live On

Violet, Klaus and Sunny are three kids that just don’t know how to give up and fortunately have the survival instincts of a mother cheetah. With their own sets of skills and know-how, they’ve outsmarted Count Olaf—saving themselves and their fortune—time and time again. But while every book and Netflix episode highlights a moment of brilliance, we definitely have our favorites.

When they bent the law to their advantage

Season 1, Episode 2: The Bad Beginning Part Two

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In the second episode of the Netflix original series starring Neil Patrick Harris, Violet is forced to marry Count Olaf in order to save Sunny. But after the vows are made, the marriage contract signed and Sunny is safe, Violet and Klaus make the argument that the wedding is void for one simple reason: Violet signed the contract with her left hand as opposed to her dominant right hand. That, helped by a little moral and legal argument from Klaus, pushed Justice Strauss to claim the wedding invalid.

When their memory saved them

Season 1, Episode 4: The Reptile Room Part Two

Proving that it doesn’t always take a genius IQ to get out of sticky situations, the Baudelaire children took Count Olaf down with sheer memory. Once claiming he knew nothing about snakes and moments later suddenly claiming he was an expert, the Baudelaire children suddenly caught him red handed and had enough evidence against him.

When they used grammar and spelling to decipher a message

Season 1, Episode 5: The Wide Window Part One

She may not have been the best caretaker, but Aunt Josephine’s sudden disappearance didn’t sit right with Violet, Klaus and Sunny. Looking into her “suicide note,” the two eldest kids noticed some grave grammar and spelling mistakes from their grammar Nazi aunt and quickly knew she was trying to tell them something.

P.S. Yes—apparently—grammar and spelling can save your life.

When they used one word to change the game

Season 1, Episode 8: The Miserable Mill Part Two

Hypnosis is a hard thing to break and Violet and Sunny learned this the hard way when Klaus was put under Count Olaf’s control. But while Violent couldn’t figure out the word that would break his hypnosis, she screamed “fire” to break everyone else’s trance and cause a panic, which allowed them to once again break free of the count’s clutches.

P.S. Yes, words are that powerful.

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Very much like Count Olaf and his troop, the Baudelaire children do not know how to give up. But unlike their enemies, Violent, Klaus and Sunny are about honesty and family, which makes the first season of Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events definitely worth the binge-watch.

Re-watch all the ruckus Count Olaf creates and how the Baudelaire children outwit him every step of the way on Netflix with Globe.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events
 returns to Netflix with season 2 on March 30. 

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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