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Favorite Moments from IZ*ONE's One The Story - go!

Listing Our Favorite Moments From IZ*ONE's One, The Story

IZ*ONE and Wiz*Ones forever!

Over the weekend, the girls of IZ*ONE held their concert One, The Story with viewers from all over the world. This concert was their last major schedule before they’re set to disband this April, which made both nights a lot more sentimental for their fans fondly called Wiz*Ones. Luckily, Filipino Wiz*Ones subscribed to Globe had the chance to win tickets to the special event.

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In case you aren’t familiar, IZ*ONE is a group formed from the winners of the K-pop survival show Produce 48. The show followed 96 girls hailing from South Korea and Japan, all who competed for a coveted slot in the temporary group. After rounds of eliminations and voting, IZ*ONE’s final lineup was determined and made up of Wonyoung, Sakura, Yuri, Yena Yujin, Nako, Eunbi, Hyewon, Hitomi, Minju and Chaeyeon—all multi-talented girls who won the hearts of both South Korean and international viewers.

The 12 members definitely made it a weekend to remember for all fans, from wowing everyone in their unit stages to surprising the (virtual) crowd with a surprise song to enjoy. IZ*ONE opened the show with matching red outfits to perform their debut single La Vie En Rose. Their other title tracks such as Panorama and Secret Story of The Swan were also performed powerfully throughout the show. Aside from title tracks, the girls put a twist to their b-sides by an acoustic set with adorable hi teen outfits to match!

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Wiz*Ones were also in for a treat on both days of One, The Story because IZ*ONE divided themselves into subunits. The first leg featured show-stopping covers of mainstream and K-Pop hits, such as Camila Cabello’s Senorita, Tinashe’s All Hands On Deck, Girls Generation - TTS’s Adrenaline and T-ara’s Roly Poly. Meanwhile on the second leg, their fans’ manifestation worked because the girls granted their wishes by performing their b-sides Someday, Daydream and Pink Blusher.

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The bond IZ*ONE shared with each other and with their fans didn’t make the end less painful. That’s why, by the time the show winded down and IZ*ONE had to say goodbye to the crowd, they couldn’t help but burst into tears. After all, a farewell concert is better done in real life. Nonetheless, Wiz*Ones came through and surprised them on the last day! When the girls prepared to close the last show with Slow Journey, the large LED screen was filled with videos of their fans singing along. Safe to say that they made up for spending these two nights apart.

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The way the girls’ Slow Journey for the past two years was capped off made it one for the books. Hopefully, IZ*ONE will be able to reunite in the near future for a live concert that Wiz*Ones will be able to attend because it still and will be IZ*ONE and Wiz*Ones forever!

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