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Why Finn and Rey Are The Ultimate #BrOTP

We know you not-so-low-key ship their friendship

Star Wars, as a franchise, has thrown several curveballs to its audience, whether love-related, family-related or plot-related. We fell in love with love stories that ended up as misses and cheered for characters that turned to the dark side. And while we know better than to do so, we’re still shipping Finn and Rey—on a platonic level.

To us, the two make the ultimate #BrOTP.

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They make each other stronger.

Finn and Rey bring out a strength in each other that they might never have found otherwise. Rey has pulled out Finn’s courage and Finn brings out Rey’s vulnerability. And in a universe as unforgiving as that of Star Wars’, our favorite characters need this kind of push to get better—especially with everything else that the franchise has in store.

They protect each other.

Remember that time when Finn went to the Starkiller Base to save a kidnapped Rey? Or when Rey faced off against Kylo Ren and Finn picked up the lightsaber to defend her? And soon afterwards, Rey returned the favor by picking up the same lightsaber in defense of Finn? If that isn’t real and honest friendship, we don’t know what is.  

They give each other purpose.

We’ve seen glimpses of the pasts of Finn and Rey separately and we’ve seen just how much better they’ve become together. Rey has pushed Finn to find purpose outside of the Storm Trooper life, while Finn has given Rey reason to find the family that deserted her.

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They’ve become each other’s family.

Friends are family that you get to choose and this is the exact case for Finn and Rey. Neither of them really had anyone to turn to growing up, but they found that type of connection with each other and there really is no turning back now.

They interact together effortlessly.

Despite knowing each other for barely any time at all, Finn and Rey get into a rhythm that is comfortable, effective and honestly beautiful to watch. Together, they resurrect a ship that had years of no use and then continue on to work together to escape a military ambush. With Rey lining up the Millennium Falcon’s shots, Finn took them easily and the two escape the clutches of the most powerful regime in the galaxy.

And in a more intimate setting in the Falcon, Finn and Rey circle each other effortlessly despite the limited space. And yes, there were less-graceful moments like when Finn would use Rey’s forehead for balance, but these things were just proof of how comfortable they were together.

Because not all friendships lead to love.

Just think about how refreshing it would be for a male and a female lead to have no romantic ties between them. It’s happened before, but it just hasn’t happened often enough. No longing looks, no unrequited feelings; just friendship in its purest and most platonic state. And with a franchise as large and celebrated as Star Wars, a move like that could possibly change the game.

These things said, we can’t be sure what will actually happen between Finn and Rey. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is sure to put some things into perspective, which is one of the many reasons why we’re eagerly looking forward to it.

December 13 cannot come fast enough.

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