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The GIFF Awardees And Their Winning Entries | go! | Globe

The GIFF Awardees And Their Winning Entries


The Globe Independent Film Festival was unlike anything else



In 2016, Globe Studio announced the Globe Independent Film Festival, the very first online film fest that changed the landscape of independent media. The whole idea was to create a platform that was attainable to all struggling and up-and-coming producers, directors and creators. On April 6, the awards were handed out for six different categories, of which over 200 entries were made.


Documentary: Nothing Too Supreme by Felman Jay Jr. Hernandez

Jay Hernandez’s five minute documentary is about Soika, a street artist with no care for rules and is just trying to find somewhere to fit in. The short film is incredibly raw, honest and eye-opening. We’ve been living on the impression that street artists are rogue individuals with no respect for private property. But Jay gives us a necessary look into their world. 



Experimental: Isda by Mark Glenn Doroja

Isda is a masterpiece that is short, straight to the point and painfully clear. It’s like an interpretative dance, which is focused on these five scrawny boys and the message becomes clear as soon as they start fighting over a piece of paper and eating the scraps that they take away



Animation: Lakas Ng Lahi by Arnold Arre and Emil Flores

Lakas Ng Lahi touches the sensitive topic of freedom and how it doesn’t mean the same thing that it used to. Arnold Arre and Emil Flores juxtaposed our Spanish colonization with present day struggles.



Webisodes: Dota Dad by Karlo Policarpio

Karlo Policarpio’s Dota Dad is a refreshing and hilarious take on a classic tale. There’s a dad that wants his son to follow his footsteps and a son that wants to pave his own way. Even if you don’t play the game, you’ll understand enough to catch the gist. 



Narrative: All Your Algorithms by Alec Figuracion

If you’re a fan of Black Mirror, then you’ll love All Your Algorithms. The story plays on the idea of losing a loved one and what would happen if you could get a digital version of them to keep you company. You could talk to them, chat with them and even see them on your screen. Would you take that chance? 



Music Video: BP Valenzuela—Building Too by Christine Joyce Silva

The animation that Joyce Silva made to BP Valenzuela’s Building Too is, to put it simply, cute. The animation is adorable, incredibly well-meaning and immaculately timed to the lyrics. 



You can catch the rest of the contestants’ works on YouTube/Globe. Renew your faith in the future of Philippine Cinema. 

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