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Haley Dasovich Teaches Us How To Capture The Perfect Vacay Vids | go! | Globe

#ParaSaVlog: Haley Dasovich Teaches Us How To Capture The Perfect Vacay Vids On Her Trip To Coron

We’re taking cues from one of the masters



First there were digital cameras, then there were smartphones. It’s only getting easier and easier to capture our favorite moments and share them with everyone we love. And with the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, we certainly don’t have a shortage of places where we can post our photos and videos.


But then again, there is a certain art to making worthwhile video blogs—and Haley Dasovich has mastered it with the best of them.



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Capture the unseen

For most places—especially a destination as popular as Coron—there is no shortage of landscape shots and sunset videos circling online. The trick is to capture what most other people failed to see. Make an effort to take a step into the overgrown path and silent waters, eat in a place that the internet hasn't killed and drink something peculiar. Only then will you really have a sense of what makes a special place so special. 


See the beauty in everything

When you’re preparing your vlog, nothing is uninteresting. Check for and find the beauty in everything, from the smile of your PAL flight attendant to the sweat on your back. It's those types of little details that can make your body of work more endearing, relatable and quirky. 


Be brave but be humble

Make your vacation a real adventure by injecting something you’ve never done before. There is no harm in swimming with marine life and having a chat with the locals. But while you’re off having the time of your life, keep in mind that you’re still just a visitor. Take your photos and videos, but leave your footprints and nothing else. Let the place change you, don’t change the place.


Take a moment to breathe it in

It takes a moment to get the right shot, the right angle and the right lighting. But when the day is done, let yourself breathe a little. Look around without the lens of the camera coming between you and your surroundings. The time that you spend disconnected will inspire your creativity and your voice more.



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Get personal

A beautiful video will be nothing but a great clip unless you put yourself into it. Make a distinction between your work and everyone else’s; use yourself to make those few minutes unique.



Want to see more from Haley? Stay tuned for more of Scenezoned Season 2!



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