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4 K-Dramas to Catch Up To - go!

April Watchlist: 4 K-Dramas to Catch Up To

Soak in the summer with these K-Dramas

The latter half of 2020 saw a surge in romantic comedies with titles like Start-Up, Record of Youth and more. This 2021, we’ve been seeing a lot more suspense and crime titles take over our watchlists, such as Vincenzo and Hush. These titles have proved that K-dramas can cover all kinds of topics, from slice-of-life, to sci-fi and historical. That’s the beauty of the genre: an abundance of different titles are available and meant to keep you on your toes.

But that also makes it so easy to get intimidated by all these trending shows. Wondering what else is in? Here are a couple of on-going and recently completed K-dramas for your April watchlist, helping you stay on top of what K-release is trending:

Law School

If you want a slow start, Law School’s pilot episode just premiered last April 14th. All is well in Hankuk University Law School, as students crawl day in and day out to pursue a law degree. But the balance is broken when one of their professors is found dead on campus. A group of students use their learnings to uncover what went on as one main suspect appears: their terror Criminal Law professor.

Catch Boys Over Flowers and Tale of The Nine-Tailed star Kim Bum in Law School, with episodes premiering every Wednesday and Thursday on Netflix.

Hello, Me!

We’ve all thought of the possibility of being able to talk to our younger selves, perhaps to assure them that everything gets better eventually. But that isn’t the case in Hello, Me! Here, 37-year old Bahn Ha-ni meets herself from 20 years ago, still brash and confident. Both are in for an awakening as they go on a journey towards self-love and more to bring happiness to older Ha-ni’s lackluster life.

Looking for familiar faces? Young Bahn Ha-ni is played by actress Lee Re, who also played young Won In-jae in Start-Up, as well as Joon-i from the film Peninsula.

All episodes of Hello, Me! are available on Netflix.

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For another mind-boggling K-drama meant to keep you on your toes, check out Mouse. This crime drama follows the life of dedicated police officer Jeong Ba-reum (Lee Seung-gi). After he encounters a psychopathic killer during his patrols, Ba-reum and his partner Go Moo-chi (Lee Hee-joon) try to find the truth about individuals of those kinds. In the process, both of them run into moral debates on how to deal with psychopaths.

Follow Ba-reum and Moo-chi by watching Mouse only on Viu.

River Where The Moon Rises

This K-drama is based on the classic Korean folktale from the ancient Goguryeo Kingdom, about the story of Princess Pyeong-gang (Kim So-hyun) who is raised to be a soldier. Her aim is to be the first female Taewang of Gogureyo, or the first empress, but the entrance of On-dal (Na In-Woo) back in her life confuses her. Catch up to see if the Princess is close to reaching her dream, or if fate has other plans for her.

Watch the current episodes of River WhereThe Moon Rises on Viu.

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Never fall behind on the latest K-dramas and TV shows. Stay tuned to your favorite titles with no interruptions by streaming on Netflix, Viu, Viki and HBO Go!

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