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Why LA Aguinaldo and Tommy Esguerra Are More Than Just Pretty Boys | go! | Globe

Why LA Aguinaldo and Tommy Esguerra Are More Than Just Pretty Boys

With these two, there is more than meets the eye

In the world of entertainment and fashion, we can’t deny that having a pretty face and enviable body generally puts you a cut above the rest. But when there are countless other attractive faces and ideal bodies that are trying to break into the same industry, you need other ways to set yourself apart. 

They work hard.

Looking good is less about genetics and more about hard work and dedication. LA and Tommy weren’t just gifted with those bodies, they sweat for them. And if you’ve ever tried sticking to a diet and gym routine, you know how difficult it is to keep going

They have other passions.

It’s important to put the right time into your craft, but these boys also know some breathing room is necessary. They take every chance they have to sit down, relax and do other activities that they love outside of the work environment

They understand the bro code


.Yes, their industry is tough and cutthroat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create and build relationships with your so called competition. LA and Tommy have worked together before and enjoy each other’s company on set. More importantly, they have each other’s back.

They're sweet.

 LA and Tommy have big hearts buried under those chiseled chests of theirs and they are not afraid to let them show. It almost seems as if they take every chance they have to show affection to those that they love—whether canine or human.

They're adventurous.

But what we love most about these two boys is their sense of adventure. They’re not afraid to get out of their comfort zone, conquer the unknown and discover what the world has to offer.

 Photo Joseph Pascual.                                                                

Interested to see what else LA and Tommy have been up to? Stay tuned for the third episode of Scenezoned Season 2 to get an insider look into their trip to mysterious but breathtaking Sorsogon.

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