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League Of Legends Is Going Mobile In 2020

League of Legends: Wild Rift is coming to iOS and Android

League of Legends is getting an upgrade in 2020. With skillful outplays, brilliant maneuvers and the occasional throw, the brand new league is coming to mobile and console. Riot Games announced last October 15 that the popular multiplayer online battle arena PC game will be available in iOS and Android called League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Riot is adapting the game for touch devices with some key changes to celebrate League of Legends’ 10th anniversary. Featuring a rebuilt map, dual stick controls and more, there’s much to anticipate from the elevated MOBA. Instead of spending 45 minutes in a battle, an estimated 15-20 minutes will be used by each player.

According to the publisher, “It is a new game built from scratch to ensure it is a polished legitimate LoL experience that’s worth players’ time.” Beta tests will start rolling out before the end of the year. This will start in China and will expand to other regions later on. You may sign up for the open beta now on the Wild Rift website

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