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Artists You Should Be Listening to Right Now on Spotify

In this world of Top 50 listeners, be an explorer of the indie domain. So put your earphones on and give these indie artists some playlist lovin’!

Want to know how to make your playlist more magical? Spice it up with indie artists! With mainstream music dominating the charts and stations, it’s easy for indie artists to fall into the cracks of oblivion. But you know what they say, the best music is indiependent from the rest.

In this world of Top 50 listeners, be an explorer of the indie domain. So put your earphones on and give these indie artists some playlist lovin’!


Nick Lazaro’s strong pop synths and Gabbi Buencamino’s poetic narratives come together to form one of the local scene’s lovable pop duo, MOONWLK.

Initially formed in 2011, the duo has since pursued a different form of songwriting and music. Somewhere along the way of various gigs and albums, the duo felt the need to electrify MOONWLK’s journey. During the past years, MOONWLK’s ensemble was completed, which made their music stronger and more energetic.


Garrett Borns’ professional magician background has managed to help charm every listener, as has his adrenaline-pumping and soul-pop tunes.

His voice is electrified and often acts as dopamine for curious listeners. If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, you may have even heard or seen her promoting Borns’ music in the past. But his growing popularity aside, Borns’ music is unique and catchy.


Since 2012, Brisom has been capturing Filipino hearts by electronica storm. Inspired by 80s pop, the group’s main appeal is their addictive guitar hooks and synths. They also have some heartfelt lyrics up their sleeve, so you can expect a whole lot of #feels while listening.

They’ve also had some international gigs, so you can catch them play in and out of the country!

Electric Guest

You’re dear to me and I know…

Electric Guest’s music is what you’ll love listening to while walking around your neighborhood, as you feel the sun shine against your skin. Their cheerful vibes are sure to give you that extra bounce on your step, so do give them a listen when you feel like you need that pick-me-up.

All the way from downtown LA, Asa and Matthew invite you to listen to their music.

Techy Romantics

The dancetronica is yet to be fully popularized in the Philippines, but Techy Romantics has ventured into this relatively unexplored genre and are rocking it. Who knew that electronic pop tunes could move hearts as well as bodies?

Since 2009, Dondi, Ryan, and Camille have romanced their way into the hearts of many. With each beat comes music that is sensual, personal and ecstatic -- offering no in between.


From an apartment-turned-makeshift-studio in Boston, friends Nate, David and Zach began writing songs. After a series of sessions, the trio became the performers of their own music. And what began as innocent jam sessions turned up pop music that serenades the hearts of listeners.

A R I Z O N A touches on everything from love to loss and unspoken feelings. Their lyrical take on these universal matters will surely have you feeling something. Take a peek into their playlists, and we assure you won’t want to leave.


The musical essence of Peryodiko’s synth is modern classics and life concerns. The band’s new quartet – composed of Vin, Kris, Ristalle and Mond – has breathed new life to older songs. The result is a new generation of listeners learning the same lessons and relating to the same situations.

Their songs are inspired by some of the indie scene’s greatest foundations, including Kakoy Legaspi, Josh Villena, Pat Sarabia, Abe Billano, and Robin Rivera. As Peryodiko’s rise in the scene continues, tayo nang lahat ang nakakaalam.


Behind T-Swift’s “Out of the Woods” and Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” lies Jack Antonoff, former guitarist and vocalist of Fun. Now venturing on a new side project, he’s written songs for Bleachers, which mirror life struggles that anyone can relate to. He does, however, have a soft spot for anxiety and depression as he suffers from the same.


Jack is also a tour lover and won’t stop being on the road, which we think is for the better.



Ourselves the Elves

Pakinggan ang sarili mong duwende.

The Elves may not be real mythical creatures, but their music takes us close to the enchanting and mysterious. The Elves release spells with every gig and launched album.

Let Aly, Aki, Paula, and Ponch take you to a world of alternative country and garage folk of music that you’ll want to stay in forever.

The xx

You know those moments where you accidentally click on something, and it turns out to be the best mistake ever? The xx’s magnetism is something like that, as their hook lies in their experimental music. You may deem them as pop, soul or alt rock – but whatever you want to call their sound – the group is sure to deliver.

The band was formed over a bottle of Pepsi in a bedroom in South West London. Just goes to show how the potential of simple gatherings can turn into something amazing.

Are you pumped up to get your playlist kicking again? Thankfully, Spotify offers a massive list of indie music. Get your postpaid plans running and follow these indie artists that we love.

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