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Movies We Can’t Wait to See in 2017 | go! | Globe

Sequels, classics come to life and the most anticipated superhero movies of the year


Fifty Shades Darker


New writer, new director but the same old Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. We’re more than curious to see how dark and steamy things will get in the second installment. In theaters February 2017.


Ghost in the Shell


Anime classic Ghost in the Shell finally hits theaters this year, too! To the uninformed, the plot follows a human-cyborg policewoman tasked to bring down bad guys and save the world. Also Scarlett Johansson plays The Major and we don’t doubt she’ll give a brilliant performance. In theaters March 2017.


Beauty and the Beast


Who doesn’t love it when a Disney classic turns into a live-action movie? Beauty and the Beast is sure to make us all believe in love again as we witness Belle and the Beast’s beautiful love story unfold. We also can’t wait to sing along to the soundtrack; Be. Our. Guest. Be our guest! Put our service to the test is already playing in our heads. In theaters March 2017.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Our favorite Groot…err…team of superheroes from space returns in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. In the sequel, the Guardians travel throughout the cosmos and help Peter Quill learn more about his past. We also heard that the game version would be released around the same time. In theaters April/May 2017.


Despicable Me 3


Balthazar Brat, a child star from the 80s, hatches an evil plan to take over the world. The only people who can stop him? Gru and his wife Lucy. And their Minions, too. In theaters June 2017.


Wonder Woman


The world’s beloved Amazon princess finally comes out in her own movie and we can’t wait to see her story come to life. That and watch her whoop all the bad guys from World War I. In theaters June 2016.


Spider-Man Homecoming


The all-new Spider-Man movie follows a (really) young Peter Parker who still lives with his Aunt May and is being mentored by Tony Stark. While he tries to be normal at home and in school, he’s often distracted by thoughts of proving himself as more than just your friendly neighborhood superhero. But Spider-Man is put to the ultimate test when Vulture emerges to destroy everything he loves. In theaters July 2017.


Friday the 13th

The legendary mass murderer from the 80s, Jason Vorhees, returns to scare our pants off in the new Friday the 13th movie. In theaters October 2017.


Justice League


Bruce Wayne comes around thanks to Superman’s selfless act and his restored faith in humanity. They finally team up along with Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman and other supers (whuttt, Jason Momoa as Aquaman!) to face a greater enemy. In theaters November 2016.


Star Wars Episode VIII

The saga continues and this time Star Wars is following Rey and the journey she embarked on in the Force Awakens. And it’s Star Wars, so it’s already a must-see. In theaters December 2017.

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