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Netflix Is Low-Key Becoming Every Anime-Lover’s Dream Come True | go! | Globe

Netflix Is Low-Key Becoming Every Anime-Lover’s Dream Come True. Here’s Why

Their library is growing and there’s no stopping it

There was a dark time in all of our lives when it was difficult and almost frustrating to get our hands, eyes and ears on a great anime show. We would read about them everywhere, check online for a downloadable version and eventually settle for a low-quality streaming site. It was a bad moment in recent history but there’s no point in looking back at the past.

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Netflix has, once again, changed the game of watching and has made it relatively easier for us to binge our favorite anime series and movies.

The big names

Almost as if to prove that they aren’t fooling around, Netflix has rounded up some of the biggest names in anime. Fullmetal AlchemistSamurai X5 Centimenters Per SecondDeath Note and Your Lie In April are only some of the names currently on the streaming site’s roster.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

5 Centimeters Per Second

Samurai X

Death Note

Your Lie In April 

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The old (and new) favorites keep coming into Netflix and it doesn’t look like the dam is going to close any time soon. And while it’s ideal for those of us that have praised these titles over and over and missed them, it’s also wonderful for those that have missed out. After all, why not start with the greats when you can?

The originals

But Netflix wouldn’t be the Netflix we’ve all come to know and love if it wasn’t for their original content. The streaming site has become so reliable in churning out entertaining television series and movies that most of its original anime ventures have also become very successful.

Little Witch Academia


B: The Beginning


Violet Evergarden

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Like all classic anime series and movies, Netflix knows how to use the genre to truly tug at our heartstrings, make us think and make us laugh.

The hope

That said, Netflix still isn’t perfect. There are, of course, titles currently not in its library that we would love to see added onto it.

Your Name 

A Silent Voice

Ranma ½ 

Yuri On Ice

Studio Ghibli

There’s no saying whether or not Netflix will actually make the additions, but it would definitely be an exciting time if they did. After all, there’s no harm in hoping.

Whatever the future has in store, we’re thrilled that one of the most popular streaming sites is beefing up its anime content.

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Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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