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Making History: Netflix Debuts Action Online Blockbuster, Bright | go! | Globe

Making History: Netflix Debuts Action Online Blockbuster, Bright

Don’t miss out – this one is for you

First, there were film reels. Then there was Betamax. Then VCDs and DVDs. Then came Blu-ray. But no matter what form of analog or digital cassette we used, there was always a delay in watching films the rest of the world was able to catch in movie theaters. That’s just how it’s always been: If you don’t catch the premiere or the earlier showings, you get left behind.

Well, not this time. Now, we have Netflix and its original action blockbuster, Bright, coming our way.

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Be a part of history

For the first time in film’s long and tried history, a blockbuster is coming our way that can be watched wherever, whenever and with whoever we want. There are no lines and no exclusive tickets to this premiere; Netflix is getting rid of the hassles that come with traffic, parking and finding enough seats for your entire party. It's time to say hello to a new experience. 

Bright is premiering on December 22 on virtually all screens. Really, all you need is Netflix and an internet connection.

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Will Smith and Joel Edgerton show us how action is done

Netflix’s Bright action blockbuster takes place in an alternate fantasy world where orcs, humans, elves and fairies live together in relative harmony. Will Smith plays Daryl Ward, a seasoned human cop who is partnered for the first time with Joel Edgerton’s Nick Jakoby, an orc.

On a seemingly normal night of patrol, the two chance upon a situation that puts their lives and the entire world on the line. Together, they must battle their own conflicting personalities and an onslaught of enemies, all the while protecting a young female elf and a thought-to-be-forgotten relic, which – in the wrong hands – could very well destroy everything. 

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Why we’re excited

Netflix has churned out a lot of favorite series, mini-series, documentaries and movies over the last few years and Bright is poised to quickly join their ranks. Rumored to be the most expensive film the company has ever commissioned, it walks and talks very much like a summer blockbuster that’s set to premiere in red carpets around the world.

But with Netflix, that red carpet is exchanged for couches and those photo-worthy outfits are swapped out for far more comfortable options. And really, the latter choices sound like the makings of a far more enjoyable experience.

With Will Smith at the helm of Bright, we’re surely in for some great action scenes, well-timed comedic banter and timeless dramatic moments. And mixing this in with David Ayer’s evident eye for fantasy, grit and explosive hits, is all we need to ensure that we're front and center when the film hits all screens this December 22.

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