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Nico Bolzico Takes Bacolod, Talks To Us About Food & Finding Your Soulmate | go! | Globe

Nico Bolzico Takes Bacolod, Talks To Us About Food & Finding Your Soulmate

There’s a lot of love to be shared

There are many faces to Nico Bolzico: Model, comedian, foodie and prank-playing husband. But beyond his carefree exterior is a man of humble beginnings with a willingness to explore a future and home he never expected to have.

Much like Nico, Bacolod is much more than what many see on the surface. There is a depth to both that is more than what meets the eye, which is exactly why the pairing worked out perfectly.

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Most people will equate Bacolod with chicken inasal. We see it everywhere—at the heart of Manila and even at its outskirts—but the City of Smiles offers so much more. Cansi is a local favorite and it quickly became Nico’s as well. Its soothing broth is comfort in a bowl and the bone marrow is just the delicious guilty pleasure on top of a well-meaning dish.

As much as Nico enjoyed himself, of course he couldn’t help his sense of humor from shining through. It’s no secret that wife Solenn Heussaff is a master in the kitchen and Nico couldn’t help but compare the dish quality. The verdict? Sharyn’s Cansi House takes the cake.

Nothing connects Filipino people like food. Even strangers become the best of friends at the end of a meal that is steeped in tradition, history and passion. And in a place like Bacolod, you see the influence of food everywhere, whether that means the streets or a family round table.

But as mouthwatering as the dishes of Bacolod are, Nico didn’t stop there. A horse-lover by nature, he visited Happy Horse Farms, picked out a partner for the day and rode the fields to his heart’s content. It was here that he cracked some jokes about finding a soulmate that looked like him.

It was clear that Nico was in his element. His sense of humor never faltered and he even poked fun at himself and his “wifezilla,” Solenn . He may have compared both their faces to that of a horse, but you know it came from a good place. His love for what he called the most majestic animal was evident from the way he touched them to the how he immediately connected with them. 

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Nico may have never imagined that the Philippines would one day become his home—but it has, in the best way possible. And while he never expected it, he has embraced it whole heartedly. He's grown out his roots, made a name for himself and made a life out of every opportunity he was presented with. We watched him fall in love and he taught us a lot about what finding your soulmate is like: Fun, carefree and undeniable. Because even in the midst of beautiful fields, delicious food and colorful history, his mind still travels back home to Manila.  

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