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Orange Is The New Black Is Here & It’s Totally Binge-Worthy

Our favorite girls are back!



Ladies and gents, Orange Is The New Black is back and it’s smoother and more compelling than ever before. The setting is as you would expect, as we follow some familiar faces and new names in the days following a riot.


Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.


As we learn that Daya pulls the trigger, the other inmates scramble their separate ways, followed by a strict lockdown of Litchfield. It gets messy and not just because of the hysteria that follows as confusion sets in and the remaining guards are rounded up. It is, to put it bluntly, a little rough and tiring to watch as each character makes an appearance in every episode.



But when you start, make sure to buckle in, because Orange Is The New Black was not built for one-episode-a-day watching. Because of the condensed time space, one character’s story will mesh into another’s and you will not get the break that you’re used to after the credits. Instead, you’ll be locked in Litchfield as well.


Poussey’s death is a constant theme in the new season, as a list of demands that can truly bring change to the system are brought up. Taystee, Cindy, Allison and Janae focus on the negotiations. The goal is to bring about some change before Litchfield reaches the despairing point of no return. On the other hand, there’re Daya, Gloria and Maria, each of who make some very personal challenges that have the potential to deter the success of the negotiations.



Another recurring theme is brought about by Chapman. The Train Dilemma, also known as the Trolley Problem, asks the question: Is it more ethical to actively kill one or is it better to let five die passively? Is your goal about the bigger picture or are you concerned about what’s good? This is something that plenty of the inmates have to face, as they choose between what is best for the group and what’s best for them.



All five seasons of Orange Is The New Black is available on Netflix.





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