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Who Will Win? Pinoy Superheroes vs. DC/Marvel Villains | go! | Globe

Who Will Win? Pinoy Superheroes vs. DC/Marvel Villains

Our very own superheroes take on the bad guys of the DC/Marvel universe

Crossovers and matchups are no longer as limited a reality as we think. When once you could only find them in the realm of comics and video games, now live-action has finally started catching up as seen in the Avengers films, the DC shows on CW and the upcoming Justice League movie. But what if we actually got to organize an official crossover from Marvel and DC, and paired them off against the original works of our countrymen? It would certainly be an interesting challenge. We’ve picked out instances of random matches that might just work, including a supersize finale that pits two of DC's powerful against one of the Philippines' finest.

Kadasig vs. Venom Symbiote


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A man with a somewhat shrouded past, Kadasig willingly gave himself over to the Lady Ibu, the goddess of death, in order to save his family and village. He was subsequently turned into a living arsenal to serve his Lady's wishes. Now, he patrols the country on missions where he must deploy the full arsenal made available to him: Weapons made of his own bone and sinew shaped according to necessity, tucked away inside his own body, waiting to be summoned.


Venom is an alien entity closely associated with Spider-Man due to its origin as an intelligent suit worn by the hero, until its negative and parasitic effects came to light forcing Spider-Man to discard it. The entity likes to jump from host to host, but over time has developed the ability to function on its own. It can shape-shift and form spikes, change its size and even mimic the appearance of certain people as long as it's bound to a host.


Kadasig, having followed several people who've ended up in jail after committing violent acts that they swear were caused by something otherworldly, finds himself face to face with Venom who has possessed another host. In the melee that ensues, Kadasig is thrown back several times due to his wide underestimation of Venom and the degree of augmentation it bestows upon its host. He then forms a weapon out of his bone and sinew that is capable of separating Venom from the host. But Venom targets him instead and attempts to fuse with him. Just when all hope seems lost, Lady Ibu reaches out and reminds him of his duty. With all his remaining strength, he summons the rest of his sinew to purge his body of the Symbiote. It works, but only barely. The entity is free to walk the streets again, looking for another host. Read more.

Words by: Alexander Sison

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