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Rainy Day Blues: Playlists For Those Slow Commutes | go! | Globe

Rainy Day Blues: Playlists For Those Slow Commutes

Something to keep you company

There’s something about gray clouds and rain that seem to slow time and mellow everyone down. It gets difficult to break the mood when it hits, which is why we’ve taken to just embracing it when it hits.

So when the sky starts to pour and the roads get a little slower to maneuver, whether you’re in a private or public vehicle, click on one of these playlists to keep you company


There is arguably nothing else that will hit as hard as those #hugot songs during the wet season. When the rain starts to hit in patterns on your window, nothing else will comfort you as much as someone else’s heartbreak.

Sappy and Senti

Though they do have a lot of the same hits, Sappy and Senti is definely slower than #Hugot. So when you really can’t help yourself, click shuffle on this playlist and just get lost in the music on your way home.

Soft Pop Hits

For something a little less heart wrenching and something a little more upbeat, you can’t go wrong with Soft Pop Hits. It’s full of the most recent hits from some of the most popular musicians.

Chill Hits

Then again, it doesn’t always have to be about love and heartbreak—it can just be about a more mellow beat. Chill Hits is perfect for when you want to slow down, but you don’t actually want to be down.

90s Smash Hits

If you’re more about the nostalgia, then the best of our childhood are all listed down in a quaint little space on Spotify. 90s Smash Hits is all about getting back to our roots and the music that made up our teenage spirits.

So when the rain starts to hit, don’t fight that mood that will inevitably hit. Welcome it and enjoy with Spotify and Globe.

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grew up with numbers but fell in love with words by the time she reached her teenage years. She likes to surround herself with mellow music, delicious food and funny fail videos.

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