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Catch "Quaranthings" Season Two on UPSTREAM - go!

Catch "Quaranthings" Season Two on UPSTREAM

The hit BL series finds a new home

Do you know what one of the best feelings in the world is? Hearing the news that our favorite shows will return for another season. If anything, a new season feels like a gift, a shiny new thing to look forward to with no end in sight. Instead, we’re ready for more weeks of anticipation, waiting for the latest episode to drop so we can see our favorite characters go through triumphs, trials and tribulations.

For Quaranthings: The Series fans, it’s become a reality.

After its first run hitting over two million views per episode on YouTube, the second installment to the pandemic-borne boys love drama Quaranthings finds a new home on UPSTREAM. Episodes of the latest season will premiere on the streaming platform starting November 26, 2021. All you need to watch Quaranthings: The Series season two is an UPSTREAM season pass. Get yours for only P250 so that you won’t miss anything! 

Quaranflings: The Series picks up a year where it left off. After they become official, Judah (Kyo Quijano) and Rocky (Royce Cabrera) navigate their new relationship in a post-pandemic world. Judah finds himself following Rocky to a new place, only to discover that he’s with some new company. As they share spaces with these new people, issues arise and the bad kind of tension begins to brew between the two. Gone are the days of their precious little universe. How will Judah and Rocky navigate the unstable terrain of their relationship? Will they even make it as the world shifts to the new normal? Keep tabs on Quaranthings to find out more.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Certified Quaranthings: The Series fans will be able to access exclusive content to the show! Get an in-depth look at what happens behind the scenes from the actors, writers and directors in Quaranthings: Meet The Quaranteam via SHOOR. Weekly mini-live episodes premiere on December 4, 2021!

I don’t know what to tell you, but it seems like the best time to catch up to the entire story of Quaranthings: The Series. The first season is free to watch on YouTube. is celebrating its first anniversary with tons of perks and surprises! Stream a featured movie for FREE when you use the voucher code UPSTREAMAT1. At the same time, amazing local and international titles are also for rent at only P50! Learn more about the promos by visiting UPSTREAM.

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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