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Why You Should Attend Music Festivals - go!

Treat Yourself and Cop That Ticket: Reasons to Attend Music Festivals

It’s the year for you and live music

The transition from being cooped up indoors to attending music festivals again can be daunting to take on. Granted that gatherings and traveling are now part of the norm, this doesn't mean health and safety concerns go straight out the window. Thankfully, open-air events like concerts and music festivals held at open grounds are where you can definitely still enjoy yourself safely. Why not lean into them? If you’re still thinking twice about enjoying this pastime, here’s something to turn that “maybe” into a “yes.”

A Place to Take Your Mind Off Things

There’s work, there’s play. It’s always good to make time for the latter, whether through a hobby, R&R, or electing to be more adventurous by trying something new. Attending a music festival is an escape from the usual routine and a way to clear your mind when you feel the need to recharge. Research, anyway, has shown that music positively impacts a person’s health, changing their mood, and stimulating their brain.

A young woman dancing at a music festival.

At music festivals, you get to transport yourself to a worry-free place. Photo: Shutterstock

A Place to Express Yourself and Dress Up for the Occasion

This is for those who considered dressing up with nowhere to go a pick-me-up during quarantine. Concerts and music festivals are venues where fans not only get to sing along to their favorite acts onstage but dress up in looks they might not normally wear. These are great places to play dress-up and assume an aesthetic that’s a little out of your comfort zone.

A Setting to Make New Friends

The one thing online music events will never be able to replicate is the sense of belonging felt at a live music festival. You’re in an ideal environment where strangers feel familiar, especially since you likely belong to the same fandom. Music events, more often than not, encourage the spirit of community.

An Unforgettable Experience

With all these reasons to say yes, it’s clear that all the enjoyable elements of going to a music festival all lead to an unforgettable experience. Awaiting entertaining acts, mingling with an incredible crowd, and indulging in fun activities make any music event such as this a mood-boosting, invigorating adventure you should definitely be part of. 

Crowd partying under colorful powder cloud.

Music allows people to come together and create memories. Photo: Shutterstock

As the Philippines continues to adapt to the new normal, concerts and festivals are making a comeback. 

Don’t miss out on the upcoming Globe Music Fest, too! Enjoy food halls, bars, art installations, and live performances from top artists like UNIQUE, I Belong To The Zoo, The Juans, and Matty of Beyondzer0. You also get the chance to see special appearances from Globe ambassadors. Get your tickets and join the festivities on September 17, 2022, at Circuit Makati.

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