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There's More Great TV Coming Your Way This December: The Crown Season 2 Is Almost Here

Get with the program because the hit series on Netflix just got bigger, bolder and a whole lot darker

Life for the British Royal Family in the late ‘50s to ‘60s was nothing short of intriguing. This era didn’t run low on scandal either. This is where The Crown’s second season picks up: a tested relationship between two sisters, the struggles of a marriage, the lies and deception that come with politics. All these are kept under wraps by the picture-perfect British monarchy…or that’s how they hoped it would play out.

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Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II and Matt Smith as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. via The Sun

In season two, Claire Foy returns with yet another unmatched portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, a woman trying to break the glass ceiling of an antiquated monarchy. It’s difficult to imagine this is Foy’s last stint as the Queen.

Of extramarital affairs, the Nazi occupation and peeling back layers in order to understand the protagonists: The Crown’s multilayered storyline for its sophomore season is still a historical retelling made appealing to a modern audience. Here, John F. Kennedy (played by Michael C. Hall) and Jacqueline Kennedy (played by Jodi Balfour) make an appearance.

Amid saving face and fulfilling duties for the country, Queen Elizabeth continues to face marital challenges with husband Prince Philipp. “There’s a scene in season two where Philip and Elizabeth have an argument about where Charles should go to school. He says, ‘You can’t keep falling back on what the royal family needs, what about what I need?’ And I like the fact that Philip’s needy! He’s a needy man but he’s also a really male man. He needs her attention,” explains Matt Smith, who portrays the Duke of Edinburgh. In season two, the youth of Prince Philip is dissected and ultimately fills in some of the blanks for viewers—if not, makes his whiney moments a bit more bearable.

Former First Lady of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. via HuffPost

Michael C. Hall via Variety

Jodi Balfour via ET Canada

35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy. via The Daily Beast

Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby), meanwhile, is dealing with her own personal revolution. For one, she ends her chapter with Peter Townsend and weds photographer—read: commoner—Anthony Armstrong-Jones in May 1960, going against tradition and the wishes of royal courtiers. “I know who I am, a woman for the modern age,” Princess Margaret says in a promotional snippet. “Free to live, free to love and free to break away.” 

Left, actress Vanessa Kirby the set of Netflix’s The Crown; Right, a portrait of Princess Margaret. via Vanity Fair

The calendar of must-see movies and binge-worthy shows isn’t complete without The Crown, a show dubbed “captivating in a way that almost isn’t fair” by critics. How on earth can you forgive yourself…if you don’t tune in to this? Catch the premiere of The Crown season two on December 8 only on Netflix.

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