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The Witcher Lands On The Small Screen: Meet Neftlix’s Next Hit | go! | Globe

The Witcher Lands On The Small Screen: Meet Neftlix’s Next Hit

The fantasy franchise hits another realm.



The Witcher is by no means a new entry to the world of entertainment. Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski first introduced the public to his fantasy series in the early 90s. The story follows the journey of Geralt, who is one of the last remaining Witchers - that is, a magical hunter that travels the world to rid it of monsters. The books have since been adapted multiple times, the most popular of which is arguably the video game franchise.



Now, the series meets the small screen as Netflix announced that it is working on a television adaptation. Sapkowski has gone on the record to say that he is thrilled about the upcoming partnership, and he even confirmed that Netflix will be staying true to the source material. That means that the TV series is likely to be based directly from the novels and not its succeeding variations.


Very little else is known about the Netflix project, other than it will be executively produced by Sean Daniel (The Mummy, Ben-Hur, The Expanse), Jason Brown (The Expanse), Tomek Baginski (The Fallen Art, Ambition) and Jarek Sawko (The Fallen Art, Another Day Of Life). These are some pretty big names with several awards between them, so it’s clear that Netflix is not going to cut any corners here.


According to Daniel and Brown, the story will follow “an unconventional family that comes together to fight for truth in a dangerous world.” They even admitted how they can’t wait to bring the characters to life – and neither can we. We’re hoping for a real push and pull between what is moral and what is not, which is a franchise feature that has stayed true throughout the adaptations. We dare say it’s what’s kept the audience glued on for so long.




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