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9 Titles We Can’t Wait to Watch on Netflix: January 2022 - go!

9 Titles We Can’t Wait to Watch on Netflix: January 2022

Mark your calendars for the new shows and movies coming in this month

As we settle into the new year, we’re zeroing in on the things we can look forward to: from the new K-Pop girl groups we can’t wait to see more of to the albums we can’t wait to stream. More on entertainment, we’re also excited for the new titles headed to Netflix. Mark your calendars for the series and films right ahead that are coming to the streaming platform this month. 


Starring: Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith, Raúl Castillo, Linnea Gardner and Oscar Wahlberg.

In the aftermath of an android takeover, a young pregnant woman named Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her boyfriend Sam (Algee Smith) make a long, arduous journey in search of safety. Will they escape android territory in time?

Stream "Mother/Android" here.


Starring: Shenina Cinnamon, Chicco Kurniawan, Lutesha and Jerome Kurnia.

Suryani (Shenina Cinnamon) has a bright future ahead of her, and a scholarship in tow. When photos of her at a party emerge online, however, her plans are derailed. After losing her scholarship, she sets out to investigate the night of the party with the help of the local photocopier.

Stream "Photocopier" on Netflix beginning January 13.


Starring: Alyssa Milano, Sam Page, Colleen Wheeler, Lossen Chambers and Malachi Weir.

Grace Miller (Alyssa Milano) has found great success as a mystery writer. With a career built on her killer instincts and ability to flesh out the motives of perpetrators, she is faced with her biggest, real-life challenge yet: figuring out who murdered her sister.

Stream "Brazen" on Netflix beginning January 13.


Starring: Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, Alexis Louder, Toby Huss and Chad L. Coleman.

Little did rookie police officer Valerie (Alexis Louder) know that, when she’d lock up Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler), she’d be giving him exactly what he wanted. Bob, a contract killer, finds himself in the cell opposite his target. Soon, the small-town police station becomes the last frontier, where a gun-slinging showdown takes place.

Stream "Copshop" on Netflix beginning January 14.

"Midnight Asia: Eat. Dance. Dream."

Think you know what goes on in the streets of Asia’s metropolises? Welcome to the same places you know—after dark. The nighttime brings out the most playful side of these well-known places and Midnight Asia: Eat. Dance. Dream. is a documentary series that celebrates it. Learn more about the food, drink, music and night owls that make these scenes thrive.

Stream "Midnight Asia: Eat. Dance. Dream."beginning January 20.

"Ozark" Season 4, Part 1

Starring: Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, and Skylar Gaertner.

The beginning of the end is here. The final season of the award-winning crime/thriller series Ozark brings Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) and Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) back together as they continue the criminal enterprise they’ve built.

The first part of "Ozark" season four premieres on January 21.

"On The Wings of Love" Season 1

Starring: Nadine Lustre, James Reid and Japo Parcero.

It’s the hit rom-com TV series that made Nadine Lustre and James Reid the power love team in the Philippines. Fans, take a stroll down memory lane and revisit the first season of On The Wings of Love, where we meet ​​Leah (Lustre) and Clark (Reid) who must set their differences aside when they’re forced to get married. How will things play out as they navigate married life, trying to stay together so they can legally live and work in the United States?

The first season of "On The Wings of Love" hits the streaming platform on January 24.

"Snowpiercer" Season 3

Starring: Daveed Diggs, Iddo Goldberg, Mickey Sumner and Jennifer Connelly.

The post-apocalyptic saga of Snowpiercer returns with a new installment. Adapting South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s 2013 smash hit with the same title, the third season sees Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) onboard a small pirate train in his search for Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) along with a place to restart civilization. Twists and turns, however, await at every corner.

Catch the third season of "Snowpiercer" beginning January 25.

"Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness"

Queer Eye’s resident beauty and grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness expands his horizons in an exciting, new series. Van Ness’ curiosity about everything from snacks is paired with fun encounters with experts and special guests.

"Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness" premieres on January 28 only on Netflix.

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