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To The Bone Is The Conversation We All Need To Take Part Of

The movie is as chilling as it is courageous

With the success (and controversy) of 13 Reasons Why, we weren’t expecting a film or series of its caliber to be released anytime soon. But leave it to Netflix to surprise us yet again with another important-but-taboo-themed original.

To The Bone

The film follows the life of Ellen/Eli (Lily Collins), an anorexic girl who is obsessed with counting calories and doing pushups.  As a last ditch effort to save her life, her family gets her into the radical program of Dr. William Beckham (Keanu Reeves). Under his guidance, she is pushed to her limit, made to face her past and is forced to decide whether or not she still wants to live.

The glorifying and glamorizing of anorexia

This point has been argued back and forth between all parties since the release of To The Bone. There is no real consensus because no one can say what may or may not be triggering to anyone and everyone. The sensitivity that one needs to bring when discussing something like anorexia has not been perfected yet and probably never will be. But despite this debate, there are a few things about the film that cannot be denied.

The first of these things is that it does not typecast anorexia. Yes, the film had a main character, but her battle was not the only one that was discussed. Each of the housemates were different and their challenges were unique. They were each at different parts of their recovery; some left in defeat and some left in success and others simply stayed put.

Another is that the film is able to prove how big a circle the disease affects without negating the personal battle of the one actually fighting anorexia. To The Bone was effective in pointing out just how important a support system is and how one piece is just as important as the next one.

Not to mention, the acting is brilliant. The moments were awkward only when it made sense and were touching without being over the top. Lily Collins’ portrayal was moving and Keanu Reeves is back at it with his delivery and straight to the point yet gripping speeches.  

It proves there’s hope

More than anything, To The Bone proves that there is hope, even for those that don’t have it for themselves. And that in the midst of all the bad, hope is enough to pull us out of the dark.

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