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The Top 6 Moments Of The International 2017

It was a great run

One of the biggest Dota 2 annual tournaments is finally behind us, but we’ll be talking about the competition for quite a while. There was over US$24 million (P1.224 billion) in the prize pool, so you know the teams gave it their all—and there were a lot of great moments as a result.

Team Liquid makes a comeback

Despite being eliminated in the first round of the upper bracket, Team Liquid came back to win it all. They completely stormed the lower bracket and clawed their way to the finals and won the tournament. They beat Newbee to get their hands on the US$10.8 million (P550 million) prize.

The Chinese teams dominate, but fall short in the end

There is no doubt about it; the Chinese teams definitely dominated this year’s The International stage. With three out of the four teams in the final four in LFY, Newbee and LGD, we can’t help but awe at what they were capable of.

A surprise run from the dark horse team of LFY

While they weren’t there at the finals, LFY had a run unlike any of the other teams. The group had a 14-2 standing—a run that surprised most fans and audiences. LFY was undefeated up until the upper bracket finals, which is definitely something the group can and should be proud of.

Standin.Resolut1ion comes to the rescue

After a visa disaster from Chappie, the carry player of Team Empire, none other than Standin.Resolut1on came to the group's rescue. Arguably, the team seemed to get stronger with the substitute from Planet Odd, a team which did not make it to the North American Qualifiers this year. It just goes to show that the best things can come from what seem to be the worst of circumstances.

Pudge beats out Rubick

To win the Arcana Vote this year, Pudge beat out Rubick by less than 9 thousand votes after an astonishing 57 million were cast. Because of this, players can expect an new Arcana item for Pudge, which is likely to come with a unique in-game trait such as icons, animation changes and modified voice lines. 

Two new heroes

Once again, Valve took full advantage of The International attention to bring two new heroes to the world of Dota 2. Sylph has been expected for some time, especially with references to the character as early as May this year. However, the trailer opened with a surprise hero that featured an armadillo-inspired swashbuckler.

The heroes are expected to arrive with the upcoming Dueling Fates Update patch, which should be arriving any day now.

While our Pinoy bets did not make it to the finals this year, we’re still proud of Fnatic, Execration, TNC and Digital Chaos. The teams brought their all and made us beam at even making it to The International 2017. Besides, we know this will not be the last we hear from them.

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