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Ultimate Beastmaster Is The King Of Obstacle Course Competitions | go! | Globe

Ultimate Beastmaster Is The King Of Obstacle Course Competitions

What else would you expect from Sylvester Stallone?

There’s a new player in town and it has every intention of dominating the field. Sylvester Stallone and Netflix have partnered up to bring reality competition to the streaming site and they’ve made themselves a monster of a show. 

The contestants of the Ultimate Beastmaster have to conquer a 600-foot obstacle course, the aesthetic of which resembles—you guessed it—a beast. But as with most things, it’s what’s inside that counts and what’s inside The Beast is difficult, complicated and absolutely trying. The roster of contestants, which includes record world holders, Olympians and professional athletes, are virtually no match for the course

.The contestants begin by climbing inside the mouth of a dinosaur and dragon hybrid, and proceed to tackle the different obstacles one by one. There’s a steep wall climb, spinning platforms, narrow pipes to cross and ropes to swing from. It sounds like a lot simply because it is. Hands down, it is a difficult road to conquer and even the best of the best have difficulty overcoming The Beast. In fact, the course spits out more contestants than those that overcome it

The thrill for viewers is, of course, catching their breath every time a contestant makes a close call or misses something completely. There’s something about getting attached to the players and wishing them well on their run and laughing at the jokes of the commentators and the audience’s reactions. But while it sounds an awful lot like Ninja Warrior, it does offer one notable innovation.

What’s really special about Ultimate Beastmaster is that it’s catered to different audiences. The contestants are of different ethnicities, but so are the commentators. And for each geographic location, the scenes that are shown focus more on the contestants that come from that region. There’s also some inter-country interaction, which makes for some friendly competition.

The entire first season is already available for streaming on Netflix. Catch the series with Globe

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