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New Podcast Alert! Listen in for Better Health With Unilab & Ian Veneracion - go!

New Podcast Alert! Listen in for Better Health With Unilab as It Kicks off Its New Series With Actor Ian Veneracion

Meet "May Prescription Ba Sa Life?" hosted by Justin Quirino and Dr. Share Chua

There are a ton of real-world life skills one might wish came with practical guides (or even a course segment at school!). Under the umbrella of “adulting,” there’s career and money, perhaps even what true self-care actually means, and then there’s health and wellness. And if there’s anything one can take away from recent years, it’s that personal health practices do a lot to affect all other facets of life. Then again, how can a person stay in great shape while staying on top of life’s many demands calling out from every possible direction?

UNILAB’s looking to answer that. And though it might not come in a handout, it’s actually one better: a new podcast called May Prescription Ba Sa Life? that listeners can fully immerse themselves in for free. With the help of special guests who have walked what they’re about to talk about, the show, hosted by Justin Quirino and Dr. Share Chua, closely inspects what it means to not just survive but thrive today. With these special guests in tow, they “delve into stories about life, and share candid experiences, practical tips and life lessons that lead them to where they are now.”

The first question UNILAB is pondering? How exactly can you “slay your every day” as a multi-hyphenate? In the pilot episode of May Prescription Ba Sa Life?, actor, singer, pilot and all-around outdoor buff Ian Veneracion steps in to give listeners some answers. 

Listen in today via Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Castro, or head to UNILAB’s YouTube channel. You can also stream the full pilot episode below on Spotify.

We hear another man of the hour is set to join Justin Quirino and Dr. Share Chua next. Follow May Prescription Ba Sa Life? on Facebook and Instagram to find out who that is soon.

"May Prescription Ba Sa Life?" by UNILAB is produced by ANIMA, a new local film & television studio brought to audiences by Kroma Entertainment. Stream more from ANIMA and check out "The Linya-Linya Show." 

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