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What’s Hot In OPM Right Now

Here are the tracks you need to add to your everyday playlist




The OPM scene is changing—but who ever said change is a bad thing? There are some very notable tracks currently riding on Philippine airwaves and we’re breaking it down for you now.


Till The End Of Time, Jona x BoybandPH

Pulling at our heartstrings is Jona in a collaboration with BoybandPH. Till The End Of Time is all about finding that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And really, no one does love songs like Filipinos.




Radyo, Banda ni Kleggy

Taking us back to OPM’s more traditional routes is Radyo by Banda ni Kleggy. The music is upbeat, the lyrics are honest and the music video is adorable if not a little awkward. Perfect to listen to when you’re walking back home and need a little burst of energy.



Unleash The Diva, 4th Impact

For something a little more upbeat, add Unleash The Diva to your playlist. In this track, 4th Impact wows us with their powerhouse vocals and dance beats. And with this weather, we could all use a little pick-me-up.




Cool Down, James Reid

Viva Records released James Reid’s Cool Down music video last month and it is befitting to one of the Philippine’s top hits. It’s full of beautiful shots of nature and gives us a better look at James as a musician.




Kung Pwede Lang, Alexa Ilacad

To tickle your nostalgia and get you thinking about that someone special from way back when, listen to Alexa Ilacad’s Kung Pwede Lang. Her young voice and charming presence are sure to hit you right on the #feels.




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