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All The Reasons Why You Need To Get On The Riverdale Hype

Archie Comics, a mystery to solve and a stunningly diverse cast. Riverdale is the next big young adult series to explode in our screens

Classic comic book series Archie is getting a new lease on life thanks to the ingenious guys over at The CW, and of course, superproducer Greg Berlanti and Archie chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

Enter Riverdale, a TV series inspired by the beloved comics but made 21st century-appropriate. Still following the themes of young love, school and family, Archie gets a dark, mysterious and sexy (just wait until you see the cast) update in Riverdale. Think teen/ young adult soap but with an unexpected shot of grit and suspense.

With Archie, Betty and Veronica still at the heart of the show, the story begins with Jason Blossom, a star football player who had gone missing over the summer and is presumably dead. Archie and his gang naturally get entangled into the big Riverdale mystery as they try to find out where Jason is and who killed him. If the exciting new plot is not enough to make you curious, we list down other reasons why you need to get in on the hype because girl/boy, the hype is real.

The cast is stunningly diverse.

While Archie Comics is predominantly white, Riverdale isn’t. In fact, Archie Andrews himself is played by mixed race Samoan actor KJ Apa and silver-tongued Veronica is played by Latina stunner, Camilla Mendes. Meanwhile, Ashleigh Murray takes on the role of Josie McCoy, and Asian American actors Ross Butler and Daniel Yang star as Reggie Mantle and Dilton Doiley, respectively. Riverdale also features its first openly gay character, Kevin Keller. How’s that for diverse?

Veronica turns over a new leaf.

We all loved Veronica as a mean girl, but we love that’s she trying to reinvent herself as a nice and caring friend. But make no mistake, she’s still extremely smart, self-confident, popular and feisty.

There’s never a dull moment.

You’ll never get bored as there’s just enough drama and character storylines to keep up with that surprisingly tie in to the big mystery that is Jason Blossom’s death. The pace is just right, too, so you’ll be hooked from beginning to end.

She for She, no matter what.

Betty and Veronica have always been in competition with each other in the comics. But Riverdale focuses more on strong female relationships and how the girls always have each other’s backs, despite their little fights.

The music is sexy, fresh.

Riverdale also features some real musical talent and makes music a huge part of its story. Plot twist! The series’ Archie Andrews plays the guitar, which if you ask us, adds sexiness to his character.


Let the binge-watching begin! Catch Riverdale only on Netflix.

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