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From Screen to Stage: A Look at the Stellar YouTube FanFest 2019 Lineup

With over four dozen events in a span of five short years, YouTube FanFest, the only affair to bring content creators and their fans together, still shows no signs of stopping. In its all-new 2019 edition, viewers in Manila get to experience it all next. On March 26 (Sunday) at the Mall of Asia Arena, they get to pay witness to—and live through—the ultimate YouTube fan experience.

A massive festival with workshops, meet and greets and live shows, the Manila leg of the streaming giant is gearing up to bring over big names like Ja Mill, Baninay Bautista, Raiza Contawi, Pamela Swing, Lloyd Cafe Cadena, Niana and Ranz Kyle Guerrero and so much more.

Who else will be performing at #GlobeYTFF, you ask? Scroll through to find out!

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Alex Wassabi

Content creator and actor Alex Wassabi has spent over 12 years producing comedy sketches, parodies and challenges online. His YouTube channel Wassabi has garnered over 11 million subscribers worldwide and boasts 80 million views per month, which secure his place as one of the biggest Filipino-American influencers on YouTube.

AC Bonifacio

AC Bonifacio may be a triple threat (with the titles singer, dancer and actress under her belt) but her main goal as a performer remains to be this: to uplift, inspire and bring joy to other people. Among other impressive feats, the accomplished 16-year-old has gone on to perform on The Ellen Show twice, appear in a dance number with Ariana Grande and has become part of the Kids Choice Awards Social Squad 2019.

Andrea Brillantes

Andrea Brillantes is a 16-year-old television and film actress, author, recording artist, brand endorser and vlogger. She is best known for playing the title character in the 2013 ABS-CBN drama series Annaliza, before which she also appeared in various television like E-BoyHawak Kamay and Kadenang Ginto.

Hannah Kathleen

Hannah Kathleen Pangilinan may come from a family of showbiz personalities, but she’s made a name for herself as a content creator on YouTube. Along with providing enlightening videos for impressionable members of the youth, she stands alongside a worthwhile advocacy, Called To Rescue Philippines, which aims to fight human trafficking. A recent high school graduate with an IB Diploma and an award from the National Honors Society, Hannah continues to create meaningful content through her faith-centered videos, Q&A’s and vlogs that display her reality unfiltered.

Matt Steffanina

Matt Steffanina is a world-renowned dancer, choreographer and TV personality. He has worked with international A-listers such as Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, Kevin Hart and Antonio Brown and has also appeared on The Ellen Show, So You Think You Can Dance and The Tonight Show and even won the 28th season of The Amazing Race on CBS.

Rei Germar

Rei Germar is a 22-year-old content creator based in Manila, Philippines, who got her start on YouTube as a makeup and skincare vlogger. After her earlier videos took off and gained traction, Germar eventually branched out to the lifestyle and travel categories in order to connect with the vast YouTube audience. Given her platform today, she hopes to use her voice to make a stand regarding different social issues and to inspire others to do the same.


One of the newest content creators to become a hit in the Philippines, beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Arabella V. Racelis began making videos when she was only 13 years old. Now 17, Bella captivates audiences with her relatable video entries that tackle the sometimes taxing day-to-day encounters of a regular teenage student.

Brains techKnowlogy

Brian is a Filipino innovator and tech DIY guru who loves to create things out of simple materials that can be found right at home. He created his channel in 2016 and he now has over 1.4 million subscribers who tune in for his crafty life hacks, magic trick tutorials and tech reviews.

Hype Streetball

Hype Streetball is a dynamic community of ballers inspiring basketball and streetball crazy fans of all ages. Nino “Lil Flash” Ventura, head coach of Hype Streetball, started the channel in 2011. Having been bullied because of his height when he was very young, Nino found other ways to stay motivated, continued to level-up his skills and eventually earned his title: Pioneer of Streetball Culture in the Phillipines.

Ken San Jose

A 17-year-old international dance sensation from Los Angeles, Ken San Jose first became famous after appearing in numerous viral videos by various choreographers such as Matt Steffanina, Alexander Chung, WilldaBeast, Brian Friedman and CJ Salvador. Since then, he has gone on to work with major companies like Disney and Nickelodeon, as well as artists like Jason Derulo, Natalie LaRose and Taboo.

YouTube FanFest 2019 happens this weekend! Catch the live show on May 26, 2019, Sunday, at the Mall of Asia Arena, Mall of Asia Complex, J.W. Diokno Boulevard in Pasay. Stay in the know and follow YouTube FanFest on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates and exciting news.

Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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