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10 Reasons Why Streaming Needs To Be How You Watch - go!
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For Your Entertainment: 10 Reasons Why Streaming Needs To Be How You Watch

Because if you aren’t, you’re missing out  

Well-maintained DVDs, CDs and box sets look pretty on a shelf, but there’s no way you can bring all of them with you at once. Not unless you’ve subscribed to a streaming service, which gives you access to thousands of titles online.

 The future of entertainment is here… and it’s called streaming. Popular services like Netflix, HOOQ, HBO GO and Amazon Prime manage to cut through the inconveniences movie buffs and TV show fanatics have to deal with, allowing them to enjoy thousands of videos on a single device. All they need is an account and a strong WiFi connection.

 If you haven’t explored this side of entertainment just yet, we make a case for you switching over right here and now:

#1: Downloading movies as single files is time consuming.

Besides, there’s no certainty your download will finish when it says it does, especially when there aren’t a lot of seeders available

#2: Subscribing to a streaming service means you instantly have thousands upon thousands of original, verified content at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to those slow single downloads. Say hello to the vast TV and movie collections on streaming services like HOOQ and Netflix.

#3: You no longer need to build your own library (adding movies one by one) or segregate your media into genres. Streaming services do that for you.

You can help yourself to action, anime, children & family, classics, comedies, crime movies, documentaries, dramas, musicals, romance, sci-fi and more on Netflix. It’s the perfect setup for binge-watching!

#4: You need not worry about sketchy files and viruses ever again

If your anti-virus software really has to work overtime on something, it shouldn’t have to be on your glorious movies.

#5: You can save your hard drive and other storage devices for more important things.

Gone are the days when people have to invest in 1-TB hard drives just for all the seasons of their favorite television shows.

#6: Signing up for a streaming account means you get watch your TV shows and movies on multiple devices.

HOOQ allows you to stream media on your mobile devices and tablets (using iOS or Android) and on desktop (IE 10, Firefox 20, Safari 5, Google Chrome 46 plus their newer versions.) Meanwhile, you can access Netflix on any Smart TV, streaming media player, game console, set-top box, Blu-Ray player, smartphone, tablet, PC and laptop.

#7: You get access to updated content: the newest seasons and latest additions.

Get notified when the latest episodes of your favorite shows come out. Go straight to streaming once a movie or show premieres.

 #8: Streaming services showcase exclusives and originals you won’t find anywhere else.

Get access to award-winning television shows and original movies like Orange Is The New Black and OKJA.

#9: No more dealing with disruptions like pesky TV ads. 

You even have the option to skip the show’s introduction and opening credits on some occasions.

#10: You never have to say goodbye to anything.

 Watch and rewatch, marathon entire genres or revisit the classics. Stream to your heart’s content. To those who already swear by streaming, can we get an Amen?

Catch your favorite shows with Globe at Home Plan 1299 and up, which give you 6 months of free access to Netflix and Disney, as well as 2 months of free access to HOOQ. 

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