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Alternatives to Powder Blush From Filipino Beauty Brands - go!
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5 Alternatives to Powder Blush From Filipino Beauty Brands

Just swipe, and you’re good to go!

Cream blushes have easily become a staple in our routines in quarantine. It’s easy to apply, uber pigmented and long-lasting, perfect for hours-long Zoom calls and the quick essential run. This trendy, foolproof beauty product immediately provides warmth and color to your face, and it only takes a minute or two to apply. You can even use it as a sheer eye-topper and lip color!

Looking for a good cream blush, which is a great alternative to the powder blush? From Issy & Co. to Sunnies Face, here are some budget-friendly, lazy girl favorites from local brands we love.   

Issy & Co. Crème Blush (P349)

We’ve got to hand it to Issy & Co. for their holy grail status Crème Blushes formulated with SPF 15, which are silky smooth and long-wearing. The local beauty brand didn’t scrimp either with available variants—a total of seven everyday shades that deliver an instant rosy glow. 

Shop Issy & Co. on Shopee. 

Sunnies Face Airblush (P495)

There’s no introduction needed for the crowd favorite Sunnies Face Airblushes. Approved by professional makeup artists to Hollywood starlets and sought after by international publications, it’s a cult favorite for a reason. Described as a soft-focus cheek tint with a silky matte finish, it adds a pop of color to the cheeks—and you never have to worry about going overboard.

Shop Sunnies Face on Shopee.

Happy Skin Color Play (P649)

The Color Play Multi-Use Mousse deserves a shout out. It’s a go-to for days when picking up different products seems impossible. The newly added shades to the bestselling collection include Dawn (an almond nude) and Spring (a mauvey pink). It’s weightless and buildable, foolproof even for beginners! 

Shop Happy Skin on Shopee. 

Colourette Coloursnap (P299)

Well, these Colourette favorites are technically not cream blushes; they’re essentially multi-use tinted balms you can use as a cream blush, a cheek tint, a lip tint and even a lip balm! It does everything for the budget-friendly price of P299. Its versatile formula provides a pigmented color to the cheeks, lips and lids, and leaves a subtle dewy finish. Did we mention that the shades are absolutely perfect for Filipina skin? 

Shop Colourette on Shopee. 

Clocheflame All Around Flush (P389)

Clocheflame (pronounced “klosh-flame”) is a fairly new local beauty brand getting buzz over their multi-use All Around Flush, an ultra lightweight gel mousse formulation. Blend it on your lips, cheeks and eyes for an effortless look. Choose from four curated shades made lovingly for Pinoy skin: Lush, Fuzz, Bask and Mist. 

Shop Clocheflame on Shopee. 

Quarantine has definitely changed our relationship with beauty, as we continue adapting to the times. Gone are the days when we spend hours for a full beat, foregoing the plakado base and focusing on skin and beauty products that highlight it.  

Author Elisa Aquino

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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