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Things to Check Out on Ayala Museum - go!
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Your Dose of Art and Culture Online: Things to Check Out At Ayala Museum is making sure you don’t miss out on experiences during quarantine

Museum days are just another fun thing the pandemic has taken away from us (almost a year and a half and counting!). At this point, there’s no doubt that arts and culture enthusiasts are aching for a little inspiration along with the chance to revisit this pastime even during the quarantine. Thankfully Ayala Museum is here to fill that void.

While the Makati City establishment itself is closed for renovations, the official website has been given a massive overhaul to satisfy would-be museum-goers. On it, you can find exciting virtual exhibits featuring noteworthy local artists, virtual workshops and field trips for enthusiasts of all ages, and an impressive catalog of downloadables and useful resources. You’re free to immerse yourself (and get lost) here like you would at the Ayala Museum.

To see just how fulfilling and educational the online experience can be, we’ve rounded up the top features and events this month on Scroll through to check them out!

Virtual Visits 

Field trips to the museum should do one thing above all: transport you to a different time and place, and immerse you in rich culture. A lot tougher to do from home, but Ayala Museum has a great way of bridging the gap. Through its Virtual Visits series, the arts, culture and history museum takes viewers through a similar journey. It lets viewers explore “stories drawn from the Ayala Museum and Filipinas Heritage Library’s art and ethnographic collections,” which are “delivered in fascinating bite-sized portions to be enjoyed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.”

All exclusive content such as Gold In Our Veins by Mark Lewis Lim Higgins and Toward Abstraction by Fernando Zobel await. A wealth of new knowledge right here on YouTube:

Also in Video: History Revisited

This feature is a fantastic way of tackling “stuff you may have missed in history class,” as Ayala Museum likes to put it. Since it packages its content in entertaining storytelling, educational shorts like In Focus and ATIN: Stories from the Collection make learning engaging. 

More on the latter, for example, Ayala Museum explains: “[This] is an original production of the Ayala Foundation Arts and Culture Division made up of the Ayala Museum and Filipinas Heritage Library. The series tells the story of the Filipino through images and videos of Ayala Museum's archaeological, ethnographic, fine arts, historical and numismatic collections.”

Gripping Stories, Essays and Galleries

There’s a lot more to look forward to here like talks, lectures, virtual events and art exhibits, which are all captured in video. But what’s also noteworthy about is that it links you up to a rich archive of photo collections and literature by the Filipinas Heritage Library. You get to see our country’s rich history through a new lens. 

Visual exhibitions like “War Through the Eyes of the Child” and “Manila Reborn” are just some early favorites.

Be sure to follow Ayala Museum on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates. In the meantime, you can browse the complete collections by Ayala Museum here or visit the official Ayala Museum YouTube channel to stream exclusive arts and culture content.

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