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What’s Better Than A Throwback? A Comeback, Of Course. Here, 5 Of The Biggest Returns Coming In 2018

No more wondering whatever happened to _____!

We’ve all wondered what happened to musicians that once topped the charts and suddenly disappeared from the world stage. We’ve all thought about whether certain actors and actresses would ever star in a new film again. We’ve all gotten curious about whether or not one strong, seemingly unstoppable player in the market would ever make a comeback.

Ladies and gents, 2018 is the year we stop waiting.

Amanda Bynes

The last time we saw Amanda Bynes, she starred in 2010’s Easy A as the girl who had it out for Emma Stone’s Olive. After the film, she announced that she would be taking a hiatus from acting—but she never said she’d be out of the tabloids. She had a charge against her for a DUI, was arrested for throwing a bong out of her 36th floor apartment and was detained for starting a fire in a stranger’s driveway.

But her lawyer told Page Six that this year is when Amanda will come back into the limelight in a positive way. “In 2018, she [will be] completing fashion school and dipping her toe back into acting,” she said. “She has had several offers but is waiting for the right one.”

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Cargo Pants

Women always complain about not having enough pocket space and brands like Topshop are listening. They’ve taken the misunderstood cargo trend and made it chic and easily accessible to everyone—just pair it with a bra top (think Aaliyah) or even a clean white tee.

So say goodbye to bringing purses everywhere or handing your cash/cards/phone to guy friends.

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How The Grinch Stole Christmas

We will never forget how Jim Carrey gave life to the Grinch almost two decades ago, but an animated remake is knocking on our doors. Illumination Entertainment and Universal have been trying to get this project off the ground for years and it looks as if 2018 is the finish line. And if the tale of a heartless outsider learning how to love on Christmas is not enough to get you to book a ticket, here’s another: Benedict Cumberbatch is starring as the Grinch.

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Kingdom Hearts

It’s been more than a decade since Kingdom Hearts II was released, which means that fans of the franchise have been itching for the next full-numbered chapter for years now. Sora, Donald and Goofy’s welcome back into the digital world is going to be a celebration of epic proportions. And with confirmation on worlds, like Monster’s Inc. and Toy Story, we know the franchise is making a comeback in a big way.

The Incredibles

In 2004, Disney and Pixar released what is arguably one of their biggest and most-loved movies: The Incredibles. And now, fourteen years later, we’re all at the edge of our seats for The Incredibles 2. Every teaser, every trailer—no matter how short or unrelated to the story itself—has been inhaled by generations of eager viewers.

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Never give up on old favorites—you never know when they’ll come back!

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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