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Decoding The Style Of Bruno Mars: Our Favorite Music Video Looks

His style has evolved as much as his music has  


Bruno Mars is known the world over for his catchy tunes and undeniable dance moves. And while he always dreamt of a career in music, he’s also received a lot of attention for his style choices. And whether you hate it or love it, you really have no choice but to appreciate his rather unique aesthetic.


Just The Way You Are (2010)

Denim jacket, graphic tee, a fedora and some bling. It’s a tried and tested equation that has worked for artists over the years and it’s what Bruno Mars went with at the early stages of his career. It was a stable stepping stone for everything that was to come. 



Grenade (2010)

That same year, Bruno Mars proved to us that he could rock a suit, too. The classic black and white combo was topped off with a skinny tie and his normally curly fro in a slicked back ‘do.



Gorilla (2012)

Sticking to what he knows, Bruno Mars wore a fedora and some major gold in the music video of Gorilla. But he dialed down his entire look with an almost-unbuttoned silk polo and loosely fitted slacks. Simple, yes. Funky? Definitely.



That’s What I Like (2016)

From standard equations to something completely of his own making. Bruno Mars embraced both athleisure and extravagance in That’s What I Like. With immaculate white sneakers, joggers and a flowing buttoned polo, the 31-year-old knocked it out of the park.



Chunky (2016)

Then at the 2016 Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Bruno Mars brought the house down in a classic suit and bowtie combination. He was sporting his signature sunnies, signature afro and a fur coat that finished off his most luxurious look to date.




Did you know Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter Gene Hernandez? Just FYI.  

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