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Wonder Magazine Just Launched Cozy, Breezy Sets For WFH - go!
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Your New Uniform? This Local Magazine Just Launched Cozy, Breezy Sets For WFH and Beyond

The style and pop culture platform Wonder present their Release 001

Notice anything different on 0917 Lifestyle? We have, too. Apart from getting in on 0917 Aircross, the brand’s first-ever line of activewear, we’ve seen something else jump right off the page: a new release featuring potential new WFH ‘fits that make a fun case for uniform dressing.

It’s the first release by Wonder Factory, the spin-off label of the local style and pop culture platform Wonder, and a 0917 Lifestyle exclusive. With a collection of just five starter pieces for pairing together or mixing and matching, the idea is, well, simple: simplify your wardrobe—be it for on-duty or off-duty shenanigans, online or in real life.

Wonder Factory Off-Duty Sweater
Wonder Factory Off-Duty Sweater, ₱895, and Off-Duty Shorts, ₱695
Wonder Factory On-Duty Top
Wonder Factory On-Duty Top, ₱1,295, and On-Duty Shorts, ₱995

Wonder Factory Off-Duty Sweater
Wonder Factory Off-Duty Sweater, ₱895, and Off-Duty Pants, ₱995

“On-Duty. Off-Duty. On Repeat.” is certainly a mindset we can get behind. With Release 001, Wonder Factory proposes just two distinct looks (individual pieces can serve as wardrobe building blocks, too!) to cover your bases for work and play. 

The off-duty set is a no-frills lounge sweatshirt and shorts made of an uber-soft cotton blend that could take you from workout, to errand day and to a Netflix marathon. Switching over to life on-duty, where work mode might require something a little extra, Wonder Factory sets you up nicely with a breezy top-and-blazer hybrid (perfect for Zoom work calls) and a pair of streamlined dress shorts. The coordinated set coming in an icy blue gray is a nice touch.

Now, we’re thinking: if we’ll be here a while longer, we might as well refresh our wardrobes. We’re putting our money on things chic yet practical—and could take us beyond quarantine dressing.

Shop Wonder Factory’s Release 001 exclusively on 0917 Lifestyle.

Art Matthew Fetalver

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