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How To Cyber Monday Because It’s A Must

This is what the fuss is all about
You’ve all heard of Black Friday, the unofficial start of Christmas shopping season and the beginning of all major sales. But not a lot of people know of Cyber Monday, which comes just days after Black Friday, and the jaw-dropping deals that come with it. That is until the last few years when e-tailers decided to sell their wares for nearly rock-bottom prices and Internet connection got better. But first things first, what exactly is Cyber Monday and how is it different from Black Friday?

                   Black Friday   


  • Is the day after Thanksgiving in the US
  • On this day, retailers open up shop early and offer awesome promos
  • A time of hysteria for bargain-loving shoppers
  • Has better deals for appliances and select gadgets




                Cyber Monday


  • The Monday after Thanksgiving, a.k.a major sale part 2!
  • Online only
  • Serious discounts that also stir up collective hysteria among online shoppers
  • Larger discounts for fashion retail, i.e., accessories, clothes, shoes




The biggest retailers in the world take part in the madness and offer their goods at hugely discounted prices hence the frenzy. So if you’re waiting to get your hands on a nice pair of shoes or a shiny new gadget, please wait for Cyber Monday.


But wait, when is Cyber Monday? It starts...


                                     November 27, 2017, 12MN ET


So in Philippine time, that would be November 27, 2017 at 1PM, so go set that calendar alarm.


Meanwhile, here's what you need to do to prepare for the biggest online shopping day of the year. Check out our guide on how to Cyber Monday:


#1 If you can multi-shop on multiple tabs from multiple e-tailers, go ahead. But for your own sanity, choose a place to shop.

It's okay to get sucked into the blackhole that is online shopping on a regular day but on Cyber Monday, it isn't. So figure out what you want/need and choose a place to shop from, stat!

While you can shop from your favorite e-tailers here (Zalora for clothes; Sephora for all your beauty needs; Globe Shop for gadgets and digital accessories; and Lazada for everything else), Cyber Monday is huge in the US. So take advantage of that and shop from your favorite international retailers for truly amazing deals. 

#2 Research, research, research.

From what we’ve learned from other online shoppers, Cyber Monday offers great deals for everything. BUT the best deals are on wearable items, like clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

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Meanwhile for the serious stuff, like payment method, shipping fees, and return and exchange policies, read on. Most shopping websites offer credit and debit payments. But if you’re iffy to share your bank details, you can always opt to pay via PayPal. And as for the pain point that is shipping fees, there’s always Johnny Air Plus, a logistics solution service that allows easy and hassle-free shipping to the Philippines from the US and vice versa.

PROMO ALERT! Globe subscribers get a wonderful surprise! Starting November 27, 2017 at 1:01PM until November 28, 2017 at 12:59PM, you can enjoy 50% off shipping from the US to the PH via Johnny Air. Click here to learn more.

#3 Now that you’ve done your research, get ready to window shop.

Here’s how a true-blue bargain-savvy shopper shops: makes two lists—one for needs and one for wants. Looks for the items on the needs list, adds them onto the cart or wish list and repeats the process for the wants list. Don't check out and leave your cart be for now.

#4 Fund your cart.

No brainer, we know. And yet a lot of us still forget to fund our cards or pay our credit card bills until you hit the check out button and realize your purchase has been declined. Don’t let that happen to you. Here’s the modern gal’s and guy’s solution: mobile banking and digital wallets that make it easy to transfer funds and make cashless payments.

#5 Clear your schedule and set an alarm at least an hour before Cyber Monday happens

Because items sell out fast and other people have other people shop for them. This is when your shopping cart will come in handy. Now sit back, go through your cart and check out!

Have an awesome and stress-free Cyber Monday!

Sarah Santiago

is a former print and online fashion magazine editor and is currently, the editor for go! Magazine. She loves cats, is almost always in black and is a big fan of Kanye West.

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