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GCash Reviews From 7 First-Time Users - go!
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7 New-To-GCash App Users on Why They’ll Never Go Without It Again

Packed with handy productivity-boosting features, GCash is definitely not your ordinary electronic wallet

If there’s something GCash isn’t, it’s yet another promising productivity app to download, swear to use and just leave idle on your home screen. It’s a gamechanger, simply put, but doesn’t require big adjustments on your end for you to make the most out of it.

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Going where you go and making itself available right where you need it, GCash lets you go cashless with QR vouchers that you simply have to scan to pay. This means hassle-free shopping that also frees you from bulky wallets and having to keeping tabs on cash and cards at brands like Forever 21, Uniqlo, adidas, Beauty Bar and Happy Skin (among many other fashion and beauty establishments). If you want more reasons to treat yourself to Happy Lemon, Gino’s Pizza and Pasta or perhaps Sushi Nori with just your smartphone at the ready, GCash makes it possible, too.

For those looking to get a leg up on the adulting game, using the app doubles as an easy lifestyle hack: It lets you buy load, register to Prepaid promos, pay your bills and even your transportation, all of which are fast, secure and fuss-free every single time. What’s more, mobile phone users from all networks can register to app, but of course, perks for existing Globe users are a dime a dozen.

For the whole month of July, the spotlight’s on Prepaid users, who can instantly score a ₱50 QR Voucher for every minimum spend of ₱100 on GCash. All interested Prepaid users have to do is register to GoSAKTO90. Text GOSAKTO90 to 8080, await the confirmation message with the available promo codes and claim the one for GCash by replying: GOSAKTO90<space>PROMO CODE KEYWORD (example: GOSAKTO90 GCASH). With this promo, each code is valid for only 14 days upon claiming via the supplied GCash link and only one code can be claimed every week.

All pretty compelling reasons to make the switch. But should you need a little more convincing, take it from these first-time and new-to-the-app mobile users who now swear by it:

Nina Treñas

“I probably use the Pay QR feature the most. As someone who forgets to bring her wallet more than she’d like to admit, the app has saved me from having to mooch off my friends for a whole day. There are also a lot of places that accept GCash but not EPS, so at times, it’s even more convenient than my debit card. I definitely feel that it’s made things more convenient for me. I don’t always have to bring a wallet around if I know we’re eating in a place that accepts GCash payments, so there’s less to carry. I’ve been thinking of availing other GCash features to make online purchases possible without a physical credit card, but I’ve yet to try them.”

Alexandra Lara, @alexandra.lara001

“As someone who shops online a lot, I love that GCash removes the need to go to a bank to deposit my payment. All I need to do is cash-in my money and bank transfer it to whatever vendor I'm purchasing things from. It's made my shopping-life easier...fortunately and unfortunately. [Laughs]

James Chu, @jameselijahchu

“I really enjoy making cashless payments with the GCash QR scanner. You get to pay exact amounts—no need to look for smaller bills or wait around for change!”

Danielle Francisco, @danielle_francisco

“My favorite thing about being on GCash is having bank-to-bank transfers all in one place. Everything’s streamlined and free from fees—really takes away lots of headaches! I’ve also been more efficient with my money cause effortlessly my expenses get logged, so I easily see my spending habits. No complaints about the cashbacks and promos either!”

Ian Abella, @ianabelly

“I work in BGC so it’s been really convenient being able to pay for most of the things I buy in the area through GCash. I don’t have to worry about withdrawing money or bringing cash with me whether I eat or shop because most establishments here accept GCash anyway. It’s really changed how I view shopping or eating out, because now, I get reminded that even leisurely activities can be done with efficiency in mind.”

Cessi Treñas, @cessitrenas

“I’ve got something of a mild online shopping addiction, and GCash has been my enabler through it in the best of ways. Most local websites and Instagram businesses accept GCash as a payment option, and using the app to pay with just a few taps is so much simpler than bank deposits or worrying about having cash on me for COD deliveries. I have a small online business of my own, too, and I found the entire experience convenient enough to adopt GCash as a payment method for my shop.”

Ara Vergara, @arathebella

“I love that I can pay all my bills through one app with no fee! The experience is very seamless and convenient, and also saves me time. Plus, I can easily transfer the money to other bank accounts, which saves me from the hassle of having to go to the bank to pay. I now use the app daily, and have integrated it into my lifestyle. I consider GCash my e-wallet so I’m pretty much cashless most of the time now and only withdraw cash if needed.”

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GCash is available for download through the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android. Did you know that you could also get a free GCash QR voucher when you register to Prepaid promos? Click on to find out how you can make every day EXTRA with GoSAKTO90.

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