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Gen G 101: What Filipino Gen Zs Need to Know
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Level Up Your Gen G Game: What Filipino Gen Zs Need to Know About Gen G

Some know them as socially aware and driven by purpose; others say they’re too bold and woke. Whatever you call them, Gen Zs have heard it before.

As the generation that was born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Zs grew up alongside smartphones and the internet. They’re ambitious and hardworking digital natives who want to impact the world on their own terms.

With almost 40% of the Philippines’ population being 24 and below, Globe wanted to boost its efforts to cater to and connect with the purpose-driven Filipino Gen Z. But there’s more to this generation than what people perceive that the term “Gen Z” can’t encapsulate everything they’re passionate about and want to achieve.

It’s time to create a new identity—one they can own and be proud of. It’s time for Gen G.

What’s Gen G?

Gen Gs are the go-getters and game-changers who strive to achieve their dreams and aspirations on their own terms, unapologetically guided by their principles and values. They embody a new generation that doesn’t conform to the norms and expectations set by others.

They’re Generation Go. With the power of the internet and technology, they pursue their passions without needing permission. Sure, the world can get noisy and overwhelming, but they’re unstoppable. They keep pushing forward with the help of their tight-knit support system of family and friends.

They’re Generation Game. As the world changes, so do Gen Gs. Their commitment to personal and professional growth fuels them to seize opportunities outside their comfort zone. Whether it’s a new skill to learn, a new café to visit with their friends, or a chance to explore the world, you can bet they’re game for it.

They’re Generation Great. No one’s perfect, and they know it. But that doesn’t mean they’ll settle for less and stay down when things don’t go their way. If greatness is about getting back up, you’ll see them ready to take on challenge after challenge, day after day, going out there and getting it until they finally achieve their goals.

Join Gen G with Globe

Globe’s Gen G celebrates Filipino Gen Zs and empowers them to own the world. It provides platforms, products, and services to help Gen Gs explore their interests, deepen their passions, and carve their path to success.

Globe offers countless apps and content to satisfy Gen G’s cravings for on-the-go lessons and entertainment. And if Gen Gs want to continue learning, Globe for Education provides webinars, resources, and mobile plans to support them.

As Gen G starts taking control in managing more aspects of their life, financial literacy and savings become crucial in achieving their goals. Globe understands the importance of securing their money and offers solutions like GSave on GCash and GlobeOne to help Gen Gs manage their finances and bills efficiently.

With these apps, Gen Gs can also score exclusive promotional deals, empowering them to make smart financial decisions and save more for their future endeavors.

Additionally, Globe will continuously share stories from Gen Gs shining in fields such as health, entertainment, finance, and education in a new video series called “Gen G Portraits.” The first feature will be on Alex Eala, the first Filipino to bring home the Grand Slam junior singles trophy for tennis, championing another definition of Gen G: Generation Girl.

Get Going with Globe Gen G

There’s more to Gen Z than meets the eye. They’re disrupting industries and living life on their own terms. With Globe’s Gen G, more passionate Filipino Gen Zs now have the tools to own the world and shape their future.

Learn how Alex Eala embraced her inner Gen G and explore new possibilities.

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