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10 Habits To Drop If You’re Serious About Saving Mother Earth

It’s never too late

Welcoming summer is all cheer and fun, but the start of April also marks the start of Earth Month. For years, cities and establishments have kept a trend alive that really does help minimize energy consumption: Turning off the lights for an hour on Earth Day. It doesn’t seem like much—because it isn’t—but it helps in a way that every little thing, when done together, helps.

So before we start this year’s Earth Month, maybe we can consider a few things to drop to save Mother Earth. After all, she’s helped keep us alive after all this time; it’s time we do a little something for her.

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Sleeping with the television on

In the spirit of consuming less energy, try sleeping without the TV or a plugged in laptop. In fact, you should unplug everything that isn’t necessary before you go to bed.

Letting the dust settle

AKA clean the back of your refrigerator and your AC filters. Dusty coils can increase energy consumption by as much as 30 percent. Likewise, regularly cleaning your air filters will also reduce your energy use significantly.

Sleeping alone

The privacy of your own room is hard to leave behind, but if you can help it, then bundle up with someone at night. Put a mattress down on the floor of your parents' or your sibling’s room and sleep peacefully knowing you’re saving a bit of energy when you do so.

Ordering to-go items

It’s a great treat to buy food and consume it at the comfort of your own home, but all that plastic isn’t good for the environment—especially if the containers are one-use plastics. So buy your own coffee tumbler, your own thermos and your own food containers.

Not bringing your own bag

Grocery shopping is a devil to Mother Earth. Sure, some grocery stores don’t even shell out plastic bags anymore, but we should all still be vigilant in bringing out own eco bags. And if it’s just a matter of forgetting it at home, try “punishing” yourself by buying the ones the store has to offer. We promise you won’t be forgetting them soon enough.

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Using plastic straws

One straw a day per person is 365 straws. Multiply this by the millions of people around the world and you get an unnecessary landfill. Buy a stainless steel straw, which doesn’t have harmful chemicals like BPA that is found in plastic straws. And if you forget to put in in your bag, then ditch the plastic anyway and drink straight from the cup (make sure to tell your barista to keep the plastic cover too).

Cleaning everything with tissue paper

The next time you have a spill, reach out for the cloth rag instead of unrolling the tissue.

Taking long showers

We take water for granted way too often and even push people to intake more of it, but when it comes to showers, it’s best to keep it short. Stop contemplating life while the water runs over your body—do that on the toilet instead.

Driving to work/dinner/anywhere alone

Commuting in the Philippines is not the best and most of us do it out of necessity and not choice. There are several disadvantages, but one major benefit is that it does help the environment. But if you prefer riding in the comfort of a car, set up a carpool system with your officemates or your friends. Have a meet up area and share the Grab fare.

Printing the unnecessary

Companies might claim to be “online” and “technologically-advanced,” but most processes still require paperwork. Stop wasting paper and only print out what’s completely necessary. If you made a mistake, use a pen to correct it instead of throwing the document away completely. And don’t forget to use both sides of the paper too.

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Habits are hard to break, but there are just some that we can’t let continue. Anyone up for some mid-year resolutions?

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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