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10 Items You Can Shop Online for a Quick Home Makeover

Spruce up your space with these home decor finds

People tend to gravitate towards familiarity, which is why we establish routines and enjoy the feeling of home. But strong as that innate nature is, too much familiarity can still prove to be a bad thing. Case in point: the cabin fever we all feel. As we close in on our ninth month indoors, we’re all going a little stir crazy. If we can’t step outside for a change of scenery, why not change the scenery indoors?

The interior design side of Instagram has been booming thanks to our constant need to turn over a new leaf (which in real life, means redecorating the home or replacing a 10-year-old piece of furniture). Here, we round up some of the best finds—all available online—that you can shop for a quick home makeover.

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For the Bedroom

Is there any place quite as important? During a time when the line between work and life is so easily blurred, the bedroom is—or should be—sacred. Spruce up the space with some candles, some framed prints, or some new lighting fixtures.


YANNA’S HOME Vintage Desk Lamp, P1750


CANDLES BY ILKA Holiday Collection Candles

For the Workspace

With the work-from-home culture in full swing, we’re eager for anything that will make the day in and day out a little easier. Lighten up the mood in your workspace with a new set of bookends, colorful office essentials or a metal grid to keep your pre-quarantine memories in full view.


FURI HOME Trapezoid Marble Bookend Set, P2490


YANNA’S HOME Grid Photo Wall Decor, P690


DESIGN STORY Anything Office Essentials, P1165

For the Kitchen

If the kitchen is where you get that sense of zen, let it be the first room you upgrade. Appliances like stoves and refrigerators are risky to shop for online, so focus on the little things. Opt for long-lasting, stylish placemats. A quirky pitcher. An eye-catching glassware set. A dish rack that could pass as a piece of modern art. The possibilities are endless!


POPPY Squiggle Pitcher Set, P1699

BY THE FORM Inzai Glass Tea Set, P1100

DESIGN STORY Dish Drainer, P2245

For the Living Room

Gone are the days when living rooms were for impressing visitors. With all the time we’re spending at home, it’s all about making our spaces more comfortable, more liveable. Some suggested picks for the common area: a set of vases for a splash of color and a woven side table to mix form and function.

BY THE FORM Mito Side Table, P8700


POPPY Paradise Vase Series, P1199 each

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Ready to kick your cabin fever to the curb? Go forth and redecorate!

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