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Houseplants That Are Great for Condo Living - go!
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5 Houseplants That Are Great for Condo Living

For an apartment setup, these indoor plants are your best bet

If in case this round of the quarantine reawakens your inner plantito or plantita, here’s just the list to go through.

For condo dwellers especially, the quick roundup ahead zeroes in on low-maintenance, apartment-friendly indoor plants that have a great chance of surviving regardless of your plant care experience. This considers how different things are in the apartment: given space issues, access to natural sunlight, humidity, and so much more. 

Game to give indoor plants another go? Or perhaps you’re just due for an indoor garden update? Scroll through for the five plants you can check out next.

ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, more commonly known as the ZZ plant, is as low-maintenance as it gets.  This plant with sturdy, shiny emerald green leaves thrives given just ample, indirect light. If you’re also the type to miss the mark during frequent watering schedules, the ZZ plant is a great option as well. It has a low water requirement (watering just every two to three weeks), so you don’t have to be such a hands-on plant parent.

Snake Plant

The Dracaena trifasciata or snake plant is one you’ve probably seen around—online or in plant selling bazaars—and it’s easy to observe that they come in different sizes and variations. You can have a field day taking your pick. One reason the Dracaena trifasciata is named one of the best plants for condos is because of its resilience. It’s a hardy plant that’s easy to grow and propagate, and even easier to maintain. Partial sun exposure is ideal. Water every three to four weeks.

Peace Lily

Gorgeous greens but nice white blooms, too: if you’re looking to add a bit of dimension to your lineup of indoor plants, the Peace Lily is a great plant for you as it produces white flowers that can easily brighten up your arrangement. It’s another option that survives given indirect light, though it’s key that you keep it in a bright place (near but not directly by your windowsill or balcony door is great). Another low-maintenance feature: the peace lily only needs watering about once a week.

Golden Pothos

This trailing plant is a gorgeous option for those who see plants as an extension of home decor. Golden pothos mainly thrive in tropical climates, but do well in colder temperatures, too. Should you keep your air-conditioning on for long periods of time, with the golden pothos, this won’t be an issue. What’s also fantastic about this plant is that it serves a secondary, yet equally important function: it cleans the air around you. For plant care: water anywhere between one to two weeks, making sure to dry out the soil completely between watering periods.

Spider Plant

The Chlorophytum comosum or spider plant is the final condo-friendly plant option that, additionally, won’t break the bank. This bright green houseplant is tough and can keep up with the space restrictions of condo-living. Keep it in a bright, well-lit place but away from harsh sunlight and you’re good to go. Expect spider plant spiderettes in no time!

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