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How To Have A Christmas Reunion With A Techie Family - go!
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How To Have A Christmas Reunion With A Techie Family

Can you find holiday togetherness through gadgets? We list down new and fun things to do at a family reunion

Everyone has a smartphone, a tablet or some sort of gadget to bury their noses into this Christmas, and some people think that that ruins the spirit of a family reunion. It can’t be helped however, so instead of fighting the habit why not adapt your reunions to take advantage of lola’s new iPad? Here are some ways to still have quality time with a techie fam this holiday season.

Apps are the new party games

Just because everyone’s distracted by their phones, doesn’t mean we have to do away with the classic reunion program. Instead of a family trivia night, how about getting everyone together to play a round of Heads Up on someone’s phone? And the nieces-and-nephews singing contest? You can have them sing along to and even cast it to your TV for the entire family to enjoy. It’s still the same fun, just in a sleeker, more convenient package.

Let Spotify Be Your DJ

Thought it’s often overlooked, a good living room soundtrack can make or break a reunion party. Throw away the dozens of CDs you have of A Merry Little Christmas covers. No need to fight Tito Boy either over the Chuck Berry he keeps trying to sneak into the playlist. Just start up Spotify and go to one of the hundreds of Christmas playlists made by other users or simply create your own! Who knows, you might convert Tito Boy into a fan of your favorite bands this time. Just don’t forget to upgrade to premium to make sure that the festivities aren’t interrupted by ads.

The Christmas Presentation

We don’t know if modern families still do this, but many households uphold the tradition of the youngest generation doing a song and dance number for the older relatives. Whether or not you look forward to performing in front of your entire family, why not put those millennial skills to use and create an audio-visual presentation for the whole family to enjoy? You can get family photos and video clips, put them through some basic movie maker and impress with a slideshow that reminds them of the best moments of the year. Grandparents in particular will love this for sure.

Family Photos That Last Forever

Most of a family’s photos will be from beach trips and reunions, and the digital age has made taking and storing those 1000 times easier. Photos taken of the family reunion can immediately go up on Facebook walls or Instagram pages, and the album will always be there for everyone to look back on even after Christmas season. Having that digital copy is incredibly important these days because even when the family goes their separate ways , the pictures will still be up on the internet for the whole clan to access. So go ahead, take a bazillion selfies, groufies and snap away.

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