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How To Spend Less Without Cutting Anything Out

It’s only difficult when you think it is


Most people think that when you’re looking to save money, there needs to be a correlating sacrifice. If you want to set money aside, then you’ll need to skip out on those drinks at dinner. If you want some extra money, then commute instead of taking a Grab car. But the truth is, it doesn’t always have to be this way. You can save without cutting out whatever you deem a necessary comfort.



Identify the non-negotiables

First things first, you need to determine what you consider necessary. This is really the only way for you to eliminate any excessive spending. If you don’t want to commute and think you can practice making your own lunches, then book the car and prepare your meal. Alternatively, if you don’t mind the extra minutes on the road once in a while, then take the bus a few days of the week.


Clean out your finances.

Remember that magazine you subscribed to years ago and are still subscribed to even if the material no longer interests you? Remove yourself from their mailing list. Thought a gym membership would push you to work out, but you haven’t stepped foot in it since those first two weeks? Let it go. Still buying DVDs? Subscribe to HOOQ or Netflix instead and have more than enough movies, series and documentaries to watch. The idea is to look at everything you pay for in the month and just free yourself from those incredibly unnecessary financial shackles. 



Choose the simple life.

We know that groceries—and everything in them—are convenient. But do you know how much money you would save if you opted to go to a wet market instead? Or if you don’t have the energy to wake up early on weekends, choose raw items in the grocery instead. Pre-made and packaged food tends to cost more, so grab something you’ll have to cook instead. 


Look for budget-friendly alternatives.

Companies know how tough the competition is, which is why they’re trying to cut down the prices of their products all the time. This means there are always good deals to try, even if it’s with the same provider. Try out Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, which costs just P1,999 but will give you as much as 10GB of data at 50 percent faster speeds. Just visit any Globe store near you to seal the deal.


Use your time as currency.

This is a little tricky because not everyone will offer this and not everyone has that much time to spare. But if you do, check in with your sukis and see what you can get if you offer them some of your time. Your yoga studio might be willing to give discounts if you watch the counter a few hours every week, for example. There’s a reason why you see some crew members stretch on that mat beside you.



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