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New Normal Essentials You Shouldn't Leave Home Without - go!
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New Normal Essentials You Shouldn't Leave Home Without

Are you ready to face the world?

It’s month six into the year 2020 and, after seemingly-endless weeks, we’re slowly being allowed to step back out into the world. But while lockdown restrictions are lifting one by one, what we used to consider normal is certainly a thing of the past. 

We’re excited for what’s to come, but we’re being cautious, too. Hence a list of all the essentials you’ll need for our new normal. 

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This is a no-brainer at this point—but just in case you need another reminder—sanitizing your hands is of utmost importance nowadays. Touching something can be dangerous and risky and making sure that you’re clean from germs, bacteria and viruses are the number one priority. Besides, what are you going to do when there isn’t a bathroom sink to wash your hands in?

Disposable gloves

While it’s best practice not to really touch anything you don’t need to while you’re out of your house, you just can’t avoid it sometimes. ATMs, grocery items and medicine shelves need contact—but not skin contact. For everything that you need to touch (and everyone else touches), have a pair of disposable gloves ready. After you’re done doing your thing, simply throw them out before you get to your next destination. 


Many have gotten into the habit of disposable face masks, but it’s just not a sustainable option when we’re facing the world day-to-day. Not only are we creating more trash, but who’s to say we’re not taking stocks from the people that really need it? The ideal alternative: a washable option.

Plastic pouch 

While it’s common knowledge now that our smartphones are some of the dirtiest things we own and touch on an hourly—maybe even half-hourly—basis, we can no longer just let this information go over our heads. 

After you disinfect your phone before you head out, slide it into a plastic pouch (the kind that makes it waterproof) to keep your phone from being a carrier. Of course, you’ll then have to clean the pouch—but it will be easier and more effective than cleaning your actual handheld. 

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Here’s a little something extra: Disinfecting mat

We know that some people have been taking extra precautions when coming back into their home: removing their shoes at the front door, heading straight to the shower, putting their clothing in a separate wash bin. But now that we might be stepping out a little more often, this routine doesn’t seem the most efficient. 

A quick alternative? Putting down a disinfecting mat right at your home’s entryway. 

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The rules are easing up and offices, stores and malls are opening up across the country—and having to face the world is sometimes unavoidable. But when those circumstances come knocking, let’s not open the door without arming ourselves as best as we can. 

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Matthew Fetalver

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