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Mother's Day 2022: No-Fail Gestures You Should Do For Your Mom - go!
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5 No-Fail Gestures You Should Do For Your Mom This Mother's Day

How you can make Mother’s Day 2022 an event to remember

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time for us to celebrate the OG Superwomen who brought us to life, took care of us, and have been with us through all our ups and downs. Don’t be stumped knowing that to-go gifts such as staycations outside of home might still have to take a backseat again this year. There are still awesome ways to make your mom feel special. After all, it’s the effort and intent put into it that count.

Looking for ideas on what to do for Mother’s Day 2022? Here are five no-fail gestures that are flexible enough to take on amid the pandemic.

Surprise her with a gift

There’s nothing like the look of surprise and adoration from Mom whenever you give her a gift. While, of course, it’s the thought behind it that always counts, it’s okay to show your love and appreciation through something tangible. Surprise her with items that have been sitting in her Shopee or Lazada cart. Get her a premium subscription to any platform that she wants, or take initiative by getting her that new dining set since she’s been eyeing for a while now.

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Whip up a meal (or three!)

This is probably the oldest trick in the book, but it works every time. Show Mom how much you love her by taking over the kitchen and paying her back for all the savory, home-cooked meals she’s provided over the years. The gesture of taking the extra effort to celebrate her will definitely make her feel the love on her special day. Don’t forget to pick out the freshest ingredients to make sure what you serve keeps her good and healthy, too!

Indulge her cravings

If you’re not the biggest kitchen whiz (and you feel like taking over the kitchen might backfire), you can opt to indulge Mom through home delivery options. Replicate your dinners out at home by ordering takeout from her favorite restaurant or by bringing out that tabletop grill for some samgyupsal. Top off the grand meals with an equally filling dessert, especially for moms who have a thing for sweets, whether it’s cake or her comfort kakanin.

Pamper her all day

The Queen of the house deserves royal treatment, so don’t let her lift a single finger on Mother’s Day. Convert her room into a spa. Bring out a diffuser and essential oils or light her favorite scented candle to set the mood. Offer to massage her sore spots and knots, accumulated from working from home and tending to the home, too. Just let her kick back and relax with a sheet mask and a feel-good movie. Feel free to join her for some extra bonding!

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Give her alone time

This is also part of the pampering process: giving your mom some space. Every day, she juggles taking care of the family and maybe even her job. Give mom some quiet time to meditate, clear her head and do her own thing. Mother’s Day is about letting her celebrate the stunning woman that she is and giving her a whole reset day for herself. 

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See, you don’t need to take a trip to the great outdoors to celebrate Mother’s Day. Spending this occasion even right at home highlights that, as always, it’s the thought that counts. You may be pulling out all the grand gestures, but showering her with love, hugs and appreciation is just as weighty. Just keep that in mind and you’ll know how to make your mom feel special on her special day.

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