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14 People Share Gifts & Gestures They Would Really, Really Appreciate From Their S.O. | go! | Globe
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14 People Share Gifts & Gestures They Would Really, Really Appreciate From Their S.O.

From the simple things to grand gestures and the weird, there’s no wrong answer

Instead of making a roundup of gifts and gestures to give and do for your significant other, we decided to ask 14 people what they would have their boyfriends or girlfriends do for them on Valentine’s Day. Oh and if you happen to know or are dating someone from our list, you’re welcome.

1 “Prepare my baon for a whole week, especially if she doesn’t normally cook.”

—Melo, 29

2 “If we were living together, take on my chores on top of his for a month.”

—Alex, 28

3 “A bouquet of buffalo wings.” —Nicole, 27


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4 “If she would let me choose the movie we’re watching and go to the gym with me.” —Mauro, 26

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5 “If he would let me take the lead 😉”—GC, 25

6 “Cook a meal for me and not just go to a fast food chain.” —Renzo, 21

7 “If he went spinning with me…I appreciate it when he works and supports me towards reaching my goals.” —Justine, 25

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8 “I would appreciate a ride home everyday or at least a week.”

—Adie, 26

9 “Dinner for two at a nice restaurant or home cooked dinner with candles and flowers.” —Ayee, 21

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10 “Gusto ko kantahan niya ko (I want him to serenade me).”

—Rouselle, 31

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11 “I want money for shopping for a month.” —Elle, 29

12 “If [my wife] did not talk to me about the dishes for a month.”

— Yosu, 31

13 “It’s the simple things, like watch pro-wrestling with me.”

—Gino, 31

14 “What I really want is for her to cook pasta for me.” —Jordan, 27

But in any case you still want gift ideas, we listed down a few below:



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Don’t think too hard. Whatever you decide, whether a simple or grand gesture, remember that it’s the effort that counts; we’re sure your S.O. will appreciate your token of love. Happy Valentines Day!

Words Sarah Santiago

Art Ara Custodio

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