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We Asked 5 Poblacion Regulars What Keeps Them Coming Back

We’re highlighting this melting pot and business hub in Manila

Through the years, Poblacion has attracted purveyors of business, presenting the best of what contemporary Manila has to offer. Its vibrant spirit and eccentric hole-in-the-walls are enough reason to keep coming back. Whether you’re looking for a weekday nightcap or a cosmopolitan weekend getaway, Poblacion has something for you. After all, it’s become a key melting pot for diverse restaurants, bars and hostels.

These young professionals share their favorite things about Manila’s trendy nightspot, and truth be told, we could not have said it better ourselves.

Hannah, 25

“People can go to Poblacion as they are—in their soiled shoes, their white collars, their ripped jeans. The small area allows for a more intimate setting and the spirit of walking from place to place is revived. Where else in Manila could you find this? Each establishment is a certain character, which collectively forms a unique charm. This part of town not only redefines nightlife, it builds a culture of openness and community.”

Tiara, 25

“Poblacion is a different scene in itself compared to the other sights in Manila. At night, it transforms into an eclectic selection of bars and restaurants, which do not disappoint in quality and experience. There's always a “performance" aspect with every place you end up visiting that make you yearn to try other places as well.”

Liam, 24

“Obviously, I think the food and drinks around the area are great. But more than that, I think Poblacion is just a very interesting environment. In the mornings, it can be so calm and strangely quiet but at night, all sorts of cultures start to mix. Rich, middle class, young and old— 

it doesn’t really matter. Hopping from one bar to another and seeing these crowds is an experience in itself.”

Esther, 21

“Poblacion holds this certain level of sophistication. It's also fun to walk around the area and scout for the next bar to hop onto next or find a small resto you and your friends can crash in. Truth be told, despite the area being a “red light district,” I still think class reigns supreme in the streets of Poblacion.”

Gino, 35

“You could go there without knowing what you feel like doing and end up finding exactly what you need—because there’s something for everyone.”

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Words and Photos Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

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