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The Benefits of Prepaid Home WiFi - go!
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The Benefits of Prepaid Home WiFi

Still need convincing? Prepaid Home WiFi is all you've ever wanted—and more

No more buffing and waiting around, there’s an easier way to enjoy high-speed internet connection at home! Enhance your entertainment experience with Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi. Complete your home setup with easy to install, customizable Wi-Fi to enjoy uninterrupted gaming, streaming, and browsing. Need any more convincing? We count the ways to help you make the switch!

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It has powerful and customizable Wi-Fi.

Powered by LTE with strong Wi-Fi coverage, you just plug and play! Easily tailor your needs with instant internet access. You only pay for what you need; no more unexpected bill shock. Choose which is befitting your lifestyle and budget with a selection of affordable devices: Xtreme Home Prepaid WiFi for P2,999, Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi for P1,499 and Globe Prepaid Mobile WiFi for P1,295.

Conveniently load and monitor your Prepaid Wi-Fi via app.

Enjoy flexible data with no monthly fee. You can conveniently load and monitor your Prepaid WiFi in 3 easy steps using the Globe at Home app. Activate your free 10GB. Track your data usage. Lastly, boost your Prepaid WiFi with your favorite HomeSURF promo.

No need to worry about connection!

With the onslaught of bad weather, you don’t have to worry about rain and thunder cutting off your connection. With wireless connection through DSL and fiber internet plans, you can enjoy binge-watching your shows, playing your games, doing your last-minute research and more!

Globe At HOME Prepaid Home Wi-Fi is available in Globe stores nationwide and online. You can buy your prepaid home WiFi load at any Globe reloading stations nationwide. To learn more about Globe Home Prepaid WiFi, click here

Words Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

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