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What You Need To Survive The Wanderland Musical Festival | go! | Globe
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Wanderland: What You Need To Survive The Year’s Biggest Musical Festival

Take only the bare minimum to maximize your experience 



Wanderland is less than a month away, which means that there is only a few weeks left to prepare for the country’s biggest music festival of the year. With more than 12 hours of fun, excitement and music to get to, there are a few essential things to consider and take with you.

Clothing Essentials

1. Sunglasses and a hat—Keep the sun away from your face so you can focus on the performances.

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2. A lightweight jacket—To keep warm at night.

3. A comfortable top that you can move around in—Please do not sacrifice movement and experience because of clothing limitations. There are plenty of options out there. 

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4. Bottoms that can get dirty—Sitting on the floor is going to become essential at one point or another, and you do not want to ruin anything.

5. Shoes you can stand and walk in for literal hours—Do not let pain get in the way!

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Items To Bring

1.  Phone—To keep in contact with friends and take photos.

2. Refillable water bottle—Remember to keep hydrated; this is so important. There will definitely be drinks available, but water in between these drinks is always a good idea. 


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3. Snacks—In case you don’t want to spend. Tip: keep them in ziplocks that can easily be discarded. You don’t want to be carrying around a sizeable container around.

4. Sunscreen—To protect yourself from the sun. Another really important one. 


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5. Tissues/Wet wipes—For sanitary purposes. Keep it clean! Sticky hands are annoying.

What To Consider

1. A blanket—For sitting on or lying down on. 


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2. A change of clothes—In case you think you’ll need a refresher.

3. A power bank—they get a little heavy and a little tedious to carry around, but—depending on your phone and how much you use it—it might be important. 

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4. Ear plugs—For when you need to give your ears a rest but you don’t want to give up your spot.

5. A trashbag—Might sound weird, but it’s actually a very versatile piece of plastic. It can cover you if it starts to rain, you can sit on it and it can keep you warm.  



Wanderland 2017 kicks off on March 4, 2017 at Filinvest City Event Grounds. Click here to see how you can get tickets with Globe. 

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