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Where To Buy Halloween Decorations

Get into the Halloween spirit!

If Christmas decorations on the first day of September are any indication, Filipinos love to celebrate Christmas. And as soon as the lights go up, the music starts and the gift shopping begins. But you know, there’s another fun holiday to celebrate right at the end of this month: Halloween. 

Sure, we still dress up if there are parties and we give treats out to kids, but it’s never as massive as it could be. Well, why not? Everything you need to make it a memorable celebration (and eventual tradition) is well within reach. 

Warning tape 

There’s nothing like warning tape to start a scare inside someone. It preempts something shocking, something scary or something despicable. Throw it across your door in a messy manner and warn all those that dare to enter your home of what they’ll see inside. 


Skulls and Skeletons 

Halloween celebration means a skeleton hanging from the ceiling or some skulls as a centerpiece. But if you want to go the extra mile, consider hanging a skeleton on a doorway, placing one on your couch or even giving one a seat at your dinner table. As for the skull, throw some small plastic ones in your drink pitchers or punch bowls.



For some extra flair, don’t forget to stick on some faux cobwebs in strategic places. Corners of rooms are a definite yes, as are table legs. But the best webs are the ones with spiders and catch unsuspecting party goers unprepared. Slather them on lamp bases—the effect with the light will be a little hypnotizing.


Hanging monster

Just when guests have calmed down and made themselves comfortable, swoop in with one last frightening piece of décor. Don’t put your hanging monster on the top of your stairs; put it somewhere unexpected—like at the back of your bathroom door. 


So, what say you? Go big this Halloween! We think you might just have a new favorite holiday. And before you panic about where to buy all of this, relax. Get them all (and more) on Lazada.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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